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Striim: When data is on the move you need a reliable streaming platform.




Striim Jun 21 - 1

It’s a hybrid world:

Ask anyone who owns a hybrid vehicle and they will wax lyrical about the upside of having electric power when required and then the enjoyment that comes with a combustion engine for backup. No matter the distances covered, they don’t need to be anxious about running out of battery power.

When it comes to IT, the inroads cloud computing has made into IT operations is hard to ignore. The combination of traditional systems with resources based within a cloud services offering bring together the best of both worlds. The security of the data center with the elasticity of resources only a cloud can provide. For the first time, hybrid IT reduces the anxieties that might arise from concerns about having enough resources to handle whatever is thrown at IT.

It’s pursuit of digital transformation:

Photographers will talk endlessly about the transformation that digital cameras have brought and roadside billboards that look like giant television screens are being exploited ad nauseam in their owners’ pursuit of selling products and services. Even the staid legal profession has turned to the digital world in their quest to secure more clients.

Approach anyone in business and you will see a digital device nearby. Whether it is a smartphone, a complex machine or even a simple sensor, the intrusion of digital technologies into everyday life has only accelerated during the global pandemic. Time normally devoted to traditional systems analysis has been overshadowed by the desire to tap into every aspect of business operations.

The need for a platform:

Combine hybrid computing with digital transformation and add the ever-growing presence of Artificial Intelligence and you see the rise of a fabric of resources where data is always on the move. As much as some enterprises attempted to pursue a one-vendor strategy, not too dissimilar to when IBM mainframes anchored all of IT, it became harder to adjust to a world that is heterogeneous by design.

Information sought after by departments within the organization is available almost for free with just a few taps on the keyboard. It has become too hard to ignore interfacing with the many services on offer from today’s cloud providers. Data will come from anywhere and continue to be on the move but perhaps more importantly, data integration becomes the driver for better solutions supporting this fabric of resources.

Striim Jun 21 - 2

At Striim, we have been focused on delivering the premier data integration solution via Striim’s data streaming integration platform. Most important of all, especially for the NonStop community:

“Striim provides the foundation for a modern real-time data architecture by providing a reliable, secure, and scalable streaming infrastructure to get your data to where it needs to be with sub-second latency.”

With Striim, NonStop users can leverage the Striim data streaming integration platform in ways that best provides value to their real time processing of the mission critical applications found on NonStop systems:

Striim combines non-intrusive, real-time change data capture capabilities with in-flight data processing and data visualization to deliver timely and enriched data to the enterprise. Striim provides an intuitive development experience with wizard-based user interface and speeds time-to-deployment with pre-built data pipelines. Using an SQL-based language, it is familiar to both business analysts and developers. With Striim, you adopt a future-proof, smart data architecture for accelerated innovation.

Why Striim is of particular importance to the NonStop community is that the origins of the company are very well documented. Having gained so much experience with NonStop systems when many of the management and technical team were part of GoldenGate Software, they now are demonstrating just how the expertise gained with GoldenGate can be applied to addressing today’s data needs.

If you are looking for a data streaming integration platform but are concerned about its ability to scale out Striim scales out as a distributed platform in your environment or in the cloud. Scalability is fully configurable by your team.

And how successful has Striim become? Just look at the extent of industry recognition of the company being selected as it has been for multiple industry awards including:

“Top 7 Data Streaming Tools for Real-Time Analytics” by Analytics India Magazine

“Editors’ Choice Award for Best Big Data Product or Technology – Internet of Things” by Datanami’s fourth annual Datanami Readers’ and Editors’ Choice Awards.

“Top 10 cloud startups of 2019” by CRN.

… and there is many more to reference that can be viewed on the Striim web site page, Industry Recognition.

Should you have any questions about the value Striim can provide your enterprise and would like to know more about the complete profile of Striim, then please don’t hesitate to reach out to us, the Striim team.  We would be only too happy to hear from you, anytime and all the time.

Ferhat Hatay, Ph.D.
Sr. Director of Partnerships and Alliances, Striim, Inc.