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Striim – wins Best Demo at the 13th annual ACM Conference on Distributed and Events-Based Systems (Debs) 2019




striim oct 19 -1

There has been a lot written of late about some key observations being made by HPE executives particularly as they related to the HPE NonStop product line. Starting with “We, at NonStop, create data!” as well as, “We (at Mission Critical Systems and part of digital core) accelerate the value of data!” Creating data and then accelerating the value of data is very much key to how mission critical applications, commonly found running on NonStop systems, are integrating with the rest of IT and indeed adding much-needed timely data to what is accessible by all other applications. Following a number of Regional User Group meetings as well as events held just for the NonStop vendor community, the value Striim provides NonStop users is becoming better known – yes it is Striim that moves data continuously and in real time across on-premises and into Cloud environments!

However, Striim is much more than just an infrastructure moving data as the recent win at the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Conference on Distributed and Events-Based Systems (Debs) 2019 event highlighted.  In case you missed reading the news releases that followed and the posts provided to various social media outlets, Striim is truly thrilled to announce that the company won Best Demo at the 13th annual ACM Conference on Distributed and Events-Based Systems (Debs) 2019 for showcasing its network monitoring and anomaly detection application. But what really is Debs and why should the NonStop community care?

The ACM International Conference on Distributed and Event‐based Systems (DEBS) “has become the premier venue for academia and industry to discuss cutting-edge research of event-based computing related to Big Data, AI/ML, IoT and Distributed Systems.” As this association sees it, “The objectives of the ACM International Conference on Distributed and Event‐Based Systems (DEBS) are to provide a forum dedicated to the dissemination of original research, the discussion of practical insights, and the reporting of experiences relevant to distributed systems and event‐based computing. The conference aims at providing a forum for academia and industry to exchange ideas.”

Striim caught the attention of the organizers with the demonstration whereby it showcased its streaming, integration and intelligence platform. Striim has long had the capacity to ingest data created by NonStop mission critical applications, including data resident in NonStop SQL and Enscribe and in doing so, accelerated the value to be derived from data. In other words, even as HPE executives have been making observations about the role of NonStop and of the HPE Mission Critical Systems business unit NonStop users can leverage Striim today to meet enterprise demands to understand and respond to an ever-changing business environment. As Striim noted in an accompanying white paper produced for the event, “to be data-driven, (enterprises) will need to understand and respond to data as it arrives so that the data becomes valuable at the very instant it is born.”

striim oct 19 - 2

This technical white paper can be downloaded at –

As for an abstract, it follows here –

Today’s data-driven applications need to process, analyze and act on real-time data as it arrives. The massive amount of data is continuously generated from multiple sources and arrives in a streaming fashion with high volume and high velocity, which makes it hard to process and analyze in real time. We introduce Striim, a distributed streaming platform that enables real-time integration and intelligence. Striim provides high-throughput, low-latency event processing. It can ingest streaming data from multiple sources, process data with SQL-like query language, analyze data with sophisticated machine learning models, write data into a variety of targets, and visualize data for real-time decision making. In this demonstration, we showcase Striim’s ability to collect, integrate, process, analyze and visualize large streaming data in real time

Perhaps the best description of what Striim provides NonStop users today can be found within this technical paper when the authors note that –

Striim is an end-to-end, enterprise-grade platform that moves, transforms and analyzes data with sub-second latency. It combines nonintrusive, real-time change data capture capabilities with inflight data processing and data visualization to deliver timely and enriched data to the enterprise. Striim provides an intuitive development experience with wizard-based user interface and speeds time-to-deployment with pre-built data pipelines. Striim uses a SQL-like language that is familiar to both business analysts and developers. Striim has a distributed scale-out architecture, and can continuously ingest massive data and then process and analyze with high-throughput, low latency by exploiting modern in-memory computing techniques. In Striim, it ingests data from a source, apply a transformation with a SQL-like query, and write the transformed data to a new stream (data pipe), which can be consumed by other transformation operators.

Again, if you have as yet not read this technical paper just click on the link above. Many of you know Alok Pareek from his time at GoldenGate and Oracle and he is one of the three authors even as it is Alok pictured in the photo atop this article. In winning this prestigious award by ACM International Conference – DEBS 2019, Striim demonstrates yet again its premier role in the world of real time streaming data platforms. That it supports NonStop is a bonus for the NonStop community even as it brings NonStop applications ability to influence outcomes across the enterprise into the spotlight. Should you have any questions about Striim, streaming data integration, intelligence platform or any other attribute of Striim, then email or call us as we would be only too happy to discuss the many ways your enterprise could benefit from deploying Striim across your enterprise.

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