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Striim – your solution for best integration of Enterprise-Grade NonStop data with Kafka messaging!




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2020 will be a year where deployment of Striim within the enterprise will continue to grow – there is tremendous value in having the Striim platform present in any IT establishment. However, when it comes to the enterprise, think of the Striim platform as your universal pipeline to cloud service providers and to other infrastructure and framework implementations aimed at supporting streaming application, including analytics such as Hadoop, NoSQL and relational databases and yes, even Kafka. It matters little where enterprise data needs to go; Striim has the features needed to make it happen and it has a diversity of customer installations and credible use-case references that enterprises look for – industries of Striim customers include financial services, transportation, healthcare and much more.

This time last year we wrote of how Striim was working with Microsoft Azure: “Striim enables continuous, real-time data movement and in-stream transformations from a wide variety of sources” and then integrates the data, again in real-time, with “a wide variety of Azure solutions including Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure databases, and other Azure Analytics Services.” This was a reference to how Striim is now widely accepted as being an enterprise-grade solution and with this, the HPE NonStop community has the assurance that it will support data being created on NonStop by the mission critical applications typically found supported by NonStop.

Enterprise-Grade: What does this mean today? When the industry addresses enterprise-ready solutions it is referring to products with features we all associate as mandatory for any product to be deployed across an enterprise. These features typically address security, ease of integration, an ability to be deployed against multiple use-cases (that may help) manage IT complexity, true lifecycle management and much more. However, according to an update provided by Forbes magazine back at the beginning of this decade, “enterprise-grade isn’t just about specific features, rather it is about delivering a strategy that enables a consistent architectural model with the support and service necessary for this new, complex environment that organizations find themselves in. ”Striim provides an enterprise-grade integration solution for arguable the best enterprise-grade fault tolerant mission-critical system, HPE’s NonStop and the highly popular Kafka messaging product. Together, the Change Data Capture (CDC) model inherent within the Striim platform can be directed at Kafka messaging with the advantages that with Striim, the enterprise can:

One of the main benefits from using Kafka is its ability to support extremely high data volumes together with equally demanding high-velocity arrivals. In the simplest of terms, according to Apache, Kafka is a “distributed publish-subscribe messaging system that receives data from disparate source systems and makes the data available to target systems in real time.” On the other hand it’s not a message broker or equivalent competing with product offerings like WebSphere MQ (MQ Series). However, it’s an ideal solution where data created on NonStop may be needed by multiple applications running anywhere within the enterprise be it a part of on-prem traditional processing, private clouds or public clouds including AWS, Microsoft Azure and the Google Cloud Platform.

Integration with Apache Kafka might not be on the radar for every NonStop user and yet, for many NonStop users there will be increased pressure coming from the rest of IT for NonStop to more fully integrate with all applications deployed within the enterprise. Conversations will be held as to the best way to pursue such integration and the NonStop team will need to participate. Whether these applications external to NonStop will be present on-prem or off-prem matters little – data created in real time on NonStop, captured on NonStop SQL/MX (or SQL/MP or even Enscribe), means that is perhaps the freshest data an enterprise could have and as such be in high demand. With Striim’s Enterprise-Grade HPE NonStop to Kafka Integration, without any need to hesitate, NonStop can now be part of the conversation!

2020 will again be a year where Striim’s participation in major data-focused events worldwide will be in evidence and of course we hope to see you should your plans include your attendance. It will also be a year where you will be reading about more enterprises electing to deploy Striim and hear about Striim’s presence in many more industry verticals, but for now, should you find Striim’s support of Kafka of interest to you and you would like to know more about this offering please email us or give us a call and make sure you check out our web site for all the news as it breaks at and of course, follow all the posts to our Striim blog at


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