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Striim…encouraged by the attendees turn out for NonStop Technical Boot Camp

and excited by the news from HPE Discover




The NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC) that wrapped up mid-month was an opportunity for Striim to interact directly with the NonStop community. As a vendor who has had a presence at TBC it is encouraging for us to see that the participation by the NonStop community remains strong and it was clear that with the presence of constituents from around the globe, attendees numbers look to be growing. Making sure coffee breaks were held on the pavilion floor gave us an opportunity to gauge how large a crowd was present and it was clear that the buzz surrounding NonStop we detected just a few years back is still evident everywhere you turned at this year’s event.

Boot Camp may be marketed as an educational opportunity for NonStop vendors and users but it is also a place where the key marketing messages from HPE can be heard. Once we realized that HPE was excluding NonStop from the spin-merger of its non-core software assets our interests in all things NonStop certainly picked up. For many at Striim, with a background that can be traced back to our time at GoldenGate, there is a familiarity with the key features of NonStop systems but to see the rapid pursuit of commoditization along with the exploitation of off-the-shelf technologies and solutions did catch us by surprise. To view NonStop now as just another software offering and solutions built to run on NonStop as just another virtualized workload, is certainly a big step in the right direction as far as Striim is concerned.

Furthermore, as events that followed TBC, including the more recent HPE Discover event in Madrid that just wrapped up, HPE is looking to its partners for products supporting analytics. HPE has split into two camps – one is focused on the Data Center that includes Hybrid IT and the Cloud whereas the other one is focused on the Edge and IoT. This separation makes it clear that there will be a lot of data moving around and left unchecked or indeed, unanalyzed, this data could quite easily overwhelm the data center and any adjacent cloud computing resources. On the other hand industry analysts are predicting that by 2022, 60% of the data will never reach the data center and furthermore, three quarters of the compute being performed by an enterprise will be at the edge.

In Madrid, HPE was quick to reference Tom Bittman, a member of the Gartner Blog Network who recently wrote, The Edge will eat the Cloud. “Today, cloud computing is eating enterprise data centers, as more and more workloads are born in the cloud, and some are transforming and moving to the cloud,” posted Bittman on March 6, 2017. “But there’s another trend that will shift workloads and data and processing and business value significantly away from the cloud. The edge will eat the cloud. And this is perhaps as important as the cloud computing trend ever was.” It’s about analytics but just as importantly, it’s about machine learning and augmented and virtual reality and this is exactly where Striim sees the support for the edge ultimately ending up and where Striim is focusing a lot of its R&D budget.

If you missed the post to the Striim blog of October 19, 2017, Striim CTO Steve Wilkes in Denver; Why streaming analytics is a must! You may want to take a look. In that post which highlighted a recent presentation by Striim CTO, Steve Wilkes, “Modernizing Data Platforms with Streaming Pipelines” where Steve noted how “Steaming analytics and machine learning are essential for (such things as) Cybersecurity, AI, IoT, and much more!” Yes, it’s all about analytics, machine learning, and variations of different realities and this is where the predictions of industry analysts like Gartner, the research being done by HPE and the products being delivered by Striim are intersecting and for the NonStop community, they will be playing a role. As the premier platform for OLTP, the explosion of data arriving from the edge means that there will be a critical need for a streaming analytic platform filtering the data. For some it may be important that a thermostat doesn’t change by too many degrees and yet, on the other hand, a refinery that suddenly detects an increase in hydrocarbons in the air well, that is vitally important for the safety of everyone close to the leakage.

TBC proved to be an opportunity to carry our message deep into the NonStop community. For many the updates on how well we can support analytics anywhere there is data being created or consumed means that there is a vendor knowledgeable in all things NonStop that they can turn to. As HPE Discover highlighted, when it comes to analytics then it is the plan for HPE to involve partners as it is a model that ensures the needs of every enterprise served by HPE are best met and on hearing this news, Striim is among the best positioned to be engaged with enterprises building out their edge where there is an OLTP application at the center of the network.

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