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Success always attracts a crowd

For the HPE NonStop community, NTI continues to build on our success for customers, our success at events, and success with our product’s functions and performance



NTI in attendance at MexTUG, 2024

With programs that span the globe, the HPE NonStop community has unheralded opportunities to participate in greatly enhanced NonStop-focused conferences and events. The NonStop community has a rich heritage when it comes to participation in community gatherings and from what we have seen in 2024, what began as baby-steps in 2022 at the NonStop TBC 2022 in Burlingame, California, has continued to grow. And for good reason, there is much to be learnt about NonStop.

There is a renewed sense of unity. An expression of appreciation in the heads-up work being taken by the NonStop team. Nowhere is this more apparent than what is being highlighted in NonStop product roadmaps of late. While there has been numerous light-hearted jesting directed at some who have been present at these events that may have been too keen to record what is being said and even taking photos of slides presented, it seems that when the NonStop TBC 2024 conference comes around in mid-September, 2024, there will be even more concrete information on product plans and roadmaps.

What has been disclosed of late and is general in its nature is that NonStop converged systems will continue even as there will be additional options made available that build on the previously announced (and delivered) virtualization aspects of NonStop. As we dig down beyond supervisors into hypervisors, it’s clear that a whole new world for NonStop is about to be revealed. In so doing, the NonStop team is reinforcing its message of success as clearly, entries like this into the NonStop product roadmap required additional funding from HPE and that must only have come about with the NonStop team achieving a success in the marketplace.

“Show your colors! Reveal what you truly believe and act in accordance with your real disposition.” For the NTI team, these past couple of years have seen an elevation in the level of support the company has been providing organizers of NonStop community events. So much so that our presence has been hard to miss. Oftentimes the lead sponsor, elevating NTI’s presence at such events, driving a much larger awareness of NTI, the company and DRNet® the product portfolio. When it comes to showing its true colors, the NTI displays have grown more attractive in time and no more so than the stand attendees saw at the recent MexTUG event in Mexico City.

Indeed, if there was any cause for concern among other participants it had to be just how well the color coordinated flower arrangements proved to be in terms of attracting attendees to our table. There didn’t seem to be a time when there wasn’t a crowd around our display. Put this down to a successful marketing effort by NTI’s recent addition to the team, Virginia (Viki) Mera who with Jose (JLO) Ortega are now driving NTI’s campaigns across LATAM and Canada. And with more events planned for Canada and England, expect to hear and see a continuing prominent presence of NTI wherever you turn.

Success is not always easy to bottle. For some, it might be argued that it can be measured on this or that basis. However, what the elevated presence and sponsorship of NTI is hard to ignore or even debate is that many more NonStop community members have become better educated on the benefits the company’s DRNet® product portfolio can provide. Successful events wouldn’t be as meaningful to the NonStop community if they didn’t also include references to successful product deliveries. Wining new customers is always the litmus test for success and in 2023, new logos were added to the NTI customer profile just as the opportunity pipeline deepened. Show your true colors? They may be blue and green and the success may have come “out of the blue” even as it is clearly “delivering the green” to support NonStop event sponsorships at the highest level.

Success too needs that most important ingredient; success with NonStop customers. Adding new logos is one thing but the more important aspect of NTI’s presence at events worldwide is to demonstrate our product portfolio’s ability to modernize NonStop. There are still many legacy and outdated products deployed that are deemed to support Business Continuity and that rely on replication as does DRNet®, but some of them are being obsoleted or having their support downgraded or even lacking a complete architecture. Just a brief conversation with the technical staff on the NTI stand who are now visible at events will set your mind at rest when it comes to appreciating just how well he DRNet® product portfolio meets all your replication needs.

Whether the DRNet® product is best suited to your requirements as a simple Disaster / Recovery (D/R) solution or you need to migrate away from an outdated product and to anchor your future migration strategies or your need is to become better integrated with the rest of your enterprise IT, there’s a DRNet® feature that satisfies these needs. And the elegance in all of this is that it comes with just one product family, DRNet®/Unified, you can opt for any one of the product family’s packages – DRNet®/Unified for HPE Customers, DRNet®/Unified for GoldenGate Conversion, and DRNet®/Unified for Business Integration. Comprehensive; even as the choice of DRNet® is an easy one and its deployment is simple as its competitive pricing models prove appealing!

The message of NTI has been further reinforced over the past couple of years as the concept of Continuous Adaptation is resonating well with the NonStop community whenever the conversation turns to Business Resilience. So much is happening and the news from the NonStop team is encouraging as it is transformational. At its heart is change that is unheralded in the history of NonStop. Having absorbed these changes and adapted its product portfolio accordingly, NTI is transforming our team even all the while delivering transformational solutions to NonStop customers. Nothing says success more than having a growing mix of satisfied NonStop customers and on this point, NTI is not only proving to be successful but is excelling.

In the highly competitive world of Enterprise IT there is no better alternative than turning to a successful vendor as is being demonstrated around the globe today, and this is how you will find NTI today. However, should you miss out on opportunities to attend upcoming NonStop community events or miss hearing our presentation or even stopping by our table but you would like to know more about the success of NTI with our DRNet® product portfolio, simply call the number below or email us at any time at:

Network Technologies International, Inc.
635 Park Meadow Road, Suite 209
Westerville, Ohio 43081-2877

Phone: +1 (614) 794-6000

N.T.I. Limited
Ard Mhuire
Camp Street
Co. Galway
H91 K5PE