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Sweeping generalizations that count: For ETI-NET now it’s time for renewed focus on education and training!




ETI MAR 2020

How many times have we heard sweeping generalizations  being made that have made us cringe? How many occasions have seen us witness even conservative technologists make outlandish claims? In an era where vendors are telling us that there is a silver lining, or they have been seen promoting the equivalent of the venerable Swiss Army Knife (or American Leatherman), or perhaps even worse, providing us with a Goldilocks solution what really counts is what does it all mean to us. For the NonStop community, the focus has always been on support of mission critical applications, but even so, as a community we always want to know more about what we can do with our NonStop systems.

Arguments can now be made in support of NonStop having broader appeal for business than ever before. Enterprises have many choices as to exactly how to integrate NonStop into their business. What was once a data center and a terminal is now a core and an edge and with NonStop available packaged as a traditional converged system, or as a virtualized software-only solution, it may matter very little whether NonStop finds a home in the core or further out on the perimeter, at the very edge that encircles the business. It’s becoming harder and harder to catorgerize NonStop even as with options, it’s almost as if no two deployments of NonStop will ever be the same.

Knowing how to embrace this new NonStop requires knowledge and not just the kind of information you can Google. Having just attended SunTUG held once again in Tampa, Florida, it has become very clear to ETI-NET that the focus of the company will be on education and this will not inly involve providing training and information transfer to customers and prospects but to the HPE field organization as well:

“What we discussed, as a community during SunTUG, was the need for ETI to provide refresh training to the community including HPE that covers all the new features of BackBox (BB) announced over the past eighteen months,” said ETI-NET COO, Sylvain Tétreault. “For now we can say that providing such education is being planned and the community can expect to see a half day course being provided at the upcoming NonStop Technical Boot Camp 2020. It’s not just that we have come a long way with BB but we have a virtualized BB (vBB) product offering as well and we are looking to see how strong a demand there is for this new product from ETI-NET.”

SunTUG is always a good event to get a sense for how the year will pan out; what will excite the community and whether changing priorities will have an impact on business decisions! With a very large attendance this year – 75 to 80 attendees, with all the major NonStop users participating – its apparent that NonStop continues to provide enterprises with a platform that is unmatched by any other vendor’s product offering. It’s just as apparent that the need for back-up of critical business information hasn’t lessened in the slightest and the need to recover from diasters, natural or otherwise, remains an important consideration in the design of any new platform or installation. BB and now vBB provides a solution very much in demand.

The NonStop user community may not see NonStop as perfect as a Goldilock Solution or as flexible as a Swiss Army Knife and yet, when it comes to supporting mission critical applications, there is a silver lining with NonStop. It just doesn’t stop! If you would like to talk to us about our product offerings, there will be plenty of opportunities to see us at RUG events worldwide. Don’t hesitate in visiting with us as we always like to hear from you! New to BB or an exisiting user and you want to know more about our new product features please call or email us at any time.

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