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TANDsoft Says, “Whether Food Nutrition or Software Ingredients, Before You Buy, Read the Label”



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Phillip Di Giacomo is a loyal follower of the Paleo diet. He is committed. Meal planning for Phillip means a careful examination of every ingredient he puts into his mouth. The basic concept is to eat only whole foods and to avoid processed foods.  One simple guideline to follow – if it looks as if it were made in a factory, don’t eat it.

Phillip’s dad, TANDsoft CEO Jack Di Giacomo, is also a careful inspector of ingredients. In Jack’s case, it has to do with software, a topic to which Jack has been committed for several decades.  Jack encourages his prospective buyers to understand what it is they wish to purchase.  Ask for clarity.  Seek transparency.  Does that great product feature exist now or only as brochureware?  In other words, read the labels on TANDsoft solutions.  Validate the ingredients with free trials; and when TANDsoft labels say, “Seamless Interception,” “No Source Code Required,” “Zero Application Modifications,” “Apples-to-Bananas Comparisons,” or “Blazing Fast,” Jack means it.

Take FileSync, for instance. FileSync is a TANDsoft flagship product. Its loyal customer base uses the solution for automatic file monitoring, replication, and synchronization for disaster recovery, system migrations, upgrades, and backups.  FileSync is fast, really fast. It reduces network and synchronization times from hours to minutes by backing up only changed data, not entire files.  Best of all, it works closely with existing NonStop data replication solutions. What else does FileSync offer? Read the ingredients.

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Jack Di Giacomo will speak on the topic of reading the labels at the BITUG 2021 Little SIG on Tuesday, 22 June. The virtual event is open to everyone. Visit to learn more and to register.

In addition to FileSync, Jack will discuss the ingredients of FS Compare and Repair. It identifies, reports, and resolves rows, records, columns and field discrepancies in HPE NonStop Enscribe files, OSS files, and SQL tables. FS Compare and Repair is the most rapid compare/repair product for use in the HPE NonStop environment because it uses block hash compare technology.  Whereas other NonStop comparison products compare source and target files at the record-to-record level, FS Compare and Repair compares source and target files via blocks to determine if the corresponding blocks are equal. If a file has five million records and only one million blocks, less time required to compare leads to faster speeds. FS Compare and Repair’s Version 3 offers a new ingredient – it addresses data discrepancies not only between “apples-to-apples” source and target databases but also between “apples-to-bananas” source and target databases. It allows HPE NonStop customers to compare any of their database files regardless of physical file structure.

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FS Compare and Repair is a prominent inclusion in NetWork Technologies International, Inc.’s (NTI) new DRNet® Unified, with partners NTI and TANDsoft offering a robust, proof-of-concept alternative to today’s replication solutions. According to Jack “TANDsoft and NTI’s partnership has evolved over time into a relationship that allows our individual products to support each other as a comprehensive technology up-porting a unified solution.  It succeeds under competitive scrutiny and offers the NonStop community something of tremendous value – a new choice for the business continuity market.  With DRNet® Unified, one-stop shopping has never looked more enterprising.”

A new TANDsoft product with promising ingredients is FS Backup and Restore. Like FS Compare and Repair, it also incorporates block hash compare technology to reduce backup times from hours to minutes by detecting file data-block modifications, archiving only the changes, then retrieving and applying the modifications to rebuild the original file. FS Backup and Restore complements HPE NonStop Backup and Restore utilities as well as all third-party storage solutions.  In Jack’s BITUG presentation on 22 June, he’ll highlight the ingredients that make the product stand out.  FS Backup and Restore has no competitor in the NonStop environment.

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So the question remains. Are you a Phillip Di Giacomo, who scours labels to make sure he is absorbing the Paleo ingredients he requires? Or are you someone who makes software purchases based on the hope that you get what you need?  If you’re the latter, listen to Jack Di Giacomo at BITUG. If you want to get what you pay for, take the time to read the label. And don’t forget the free trials.

Learn more about any or all TANDsoft products by contacting Jack Di Giacomo (+1 514-695-2234 / or Dieter Orlowski (+1 303-263-4381 /

TANDsoft is a global provider of innovative HPE NonStop software solutions for use in time virtualization, application modernization, security, and business continuity.  Many NonStop customers use our intercept technology to enhance application functionality with no program modifications or even in the absence of source code. Check us out at