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TANDsoft’s E-2-S 4.0 Enables Enscribe to SQL Migration



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Tandsoft Oct 21

TANDsoft’s next generation E-2-S 4.0 enables Enscribe to SQL migration and is the most cost-efficient and secure solution for your applications. Taking advantage of our experience as interception specialists, E-2-S permits easy conversion of Enscribe calls to SQL/MP and SQL/MX statements. No changes to Enscribe applications are necessary.

E-2-S is a database gateway that migrates Enscribe application programs and files to NonStop SQL/MP and NonStop SQL/MX. While the Enscribe applications and files remain untouched, E-2-S executes static SQL statements instead of dynamic-compiled statements to access the SQL database. As a result, code executes much faster. With E-2-S, source SQL statements can be made available for customer use. Hybrid programs comprising mixes of Enscribe calls and SQL calls or a complete conversion to SQL offer further flexibility of use.

TANDsoft introduced E-2-S 4.0 at the recent NonStop TBC 2021.  Click here to view the TANDsoft presentation. For additional information, visit the TANDsoft website.

E-2-S 4.0 Features

Why Replace Enscribe?

Yes, Enscribe is fast, reliable, and popular. It has been in use in the NonStop environment seemingly forever. Yet there are reasons to consider a migration to SQL. For instance, NSDEE only supports SQL. With Enscribe, there is no easy access to data analytics and query tools. There is no platform-independent development and no remote access to NonStop data using ODBC, JDBC, etc. From a company perspective, it is growing more difficult to find experienced Enscribe-skilled programmers and database administrators.

Why Migrate to SQL?

SQL, on the other hand, has become a common standard used by just about everyone who needs to store and retrieve data in a database. While Enscribe is still faster for certain record-at-a-time I/O operations, SQL performs better for more complex access to a database, especially when it is necessary to combine and aggregate data from multiple tables.

The basic SQL API is simple to use, and free tutorials and other technical or “how to” information is available online. Since most of SQL is non-proprietary, the available information applies to nearly every SQL database. A multitude of tools, many of them free, have been developed to query SQL databases. The tools can be used either with applications or standalone for reporting and for very creative data visualizations.  The availability of common SQL functions makes it easier & faster to write and deploy that type of code into the application.  All that is needed from a database vendor is the ODBC or JDBC driver to its database.

From a company perspective, SQL’s common and universal API makes it easier to find experienced database administrators.

E-2-S Supports Your Migration Strategy

With E-2-S 4.0, It has never been easier or faster to move an application from Enscribe to SQL/MX or SQL/MP. Some customers are not prepared for a “big bang” migration, where all programs are migrated simultaneously. What often is required in that case is application recompiling and intensive QA testing, with a possible change in source code.

Instead, E-2-S offers the option to bind an Enscribe intercept to an application. Now the application will read and write from SQL tables instead of Enscribe, and the intercept can remain indefinitely. For many companies, this is the initial step of their migration strategies. Some customers decide not to spend any time and resources to change the application itself to SQL but focus instead on adding new applications and functionality using SQL instead of Enscribe. Or they can, as time allows, replace the Enscribe calls with SQL calls and migrate slowly to native SQL calls from the application.

Whatever migration strategy is chosen, select TANDsoft’s E-2-S 4.0. It is the most cost-efficient and secure solution for your applications

Since 1993, TANDsoft has served as a global provider of innovative HPE NonStop software solutions for use in time virtualization, application modernization, security, and business continuity.  Many NonStop customers use our intercept technology to enhance application functionality with no program modifications or even in the absence of source code. Check us out at for updates on all our products. In addition to E-2-S 4.0, our portfolio includes the new FS Compare and Repair, FS Backup and Restore, our flagship products FileSync and OPTA2000, Sensitive Data Intercept for security and compliance, and the OPTA suite of application tools.

For further information, contact Jack Di Giacomo ( or Dieter Orlowski (