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TANDsoft’s FileSync is a Disaster-Recovery Alternative to Tape



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FileSync is one of TANDsoft’s feature-rich flagship products. Customers over the years have employed the solution for the automatic monitoring, replicating, and synchronization of application environments (source files, program files, configuration files). FileSync works closely with existing HPE NonStop data replication partners. It also is valued for its ability to asynchronously update large database files between NonStop servers.

This particular FileSync feature is useful because it is so much faster than FileSync’s competition. That speed dramatically reduces network and synchronization times from hours to minutes by capturing and then restoring only changed data, not entire files. Redundant data is not transmitted. As such, FileSync is a perfect DR strategy for those companies eager to move off physical and/or virtual tape for the purposes of Disaster Recovery. tandsoft jul 21

Our competition measures network and synchronization times in hours. TANDsoft reduces that time to minutes by synchronizing only data block differences, not whole files.

TANDsoft’s Block Hash Compare technology is what makes FileSync as a disaster-recovery strategy blazing fast.  It detects changes to an already replicated file and streams to a backup database only data blocks that have changed within a file or database. No more whole file backup.  As a result, both bandwidth requirements and file synchronization performance are greatly improved.

Using FileSync for disaster recovery works with all files but is particularly useful with large unaudited files, where tape’s whole file backup and restore process can take hours and often limits the appeal to backing up data on a more frequent basis.  Several TANDsoft customers have replaced their tape-based DR strategies with FileSync as well as taking advantage of FileSync’s many other features.  They include:

FileSync is certified on all HPE NonStop servers and requires zero application   modifications.  For information on FileSync, visit

Companion products to FileSync are FS Compare and Repair and FS Backup and Restore.

FS Compare and Repair identifies, reports, and resolves rows, records, columns and field discrepancies in HPE NonStop Enscribe files, OSS files, and SQL tables. It is the most rapid compare/repair product for use in the HPE NonStop environment because it uses block hash compare technology.  It can compare a 1 terabyte multi-partitioned file in just 10 minutes. Thirteen seconds is all it takes to compare 10 million records.

Whereas other NonStop comparison products compare source and target files at the record-to-record level, FS Compare and Repair compares source and target files via blocks to determine if the corresponding blocks are equal. If a file has five million records and only one million blocks, less time required to compare leads to faster speeds. FS Compare and Repair’s Version 3 offers a new ingredient – it addresses data discrepancies not only between “apples-to-apples” source and target databases but also between “apples-to-bananas” source and target databases. It allows HPE NonStop customers to compare any of their database files regardless of physical file structure.

Like FileSync and FS Compare and Repair, FS Backup and Restore also incorporates block hash compare technology to reduce backup times from hours to minutes by detecting file data-block modifications, archiving only the changes, then retrieving and applying the modifications to rebuild the original file. FS Backup and Restore complements HPE NonStop Backup and Restore utilities as well as all third-party storage solutions.  It has no competitor in the HPE NonStop environment.

Learn more about any or all TANDsoft products by contacting Jack Di Giacomo (+1 514-695-2234 / or Dieter Orlowski (+1 303-263-4381 /

TANDsoft is a global provider of innovative HPE NonStop software solutions for use in time virtualization, application modernization, security, and business continuity.  Many NonStop customers use our intercept technology to enhance application functionality with no program modifications or even in the absence of source code. Check us out at