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TANDsoft’s FS Backup and Restore – Say Goodbye to Whole File Backup



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It has no competitor in the HPE NonStop environment.  TANDsoft’s FS Backup and Restore reduces backup times from hours to minutes by backing up and restoring only data block differences, not whole files.  How does it work?…by incorporating the same block hash compare technology that has proven so successful in TANDsoft’s FileSync and FS Compare and Repair solutions. Introduce yourself to all three at the upcoming NonStop Technical Boot Camp in October.

Whole Files Backed Up On Day One, Then Only Changed Data Blocks Within Files Backed Up Moving Forward

Whether a company backs up data on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, FS Backup detects file data-block modifications and archives only the changes.  Redundant data is not archived. FS Restore then retrieves and applies the modifications to rebuild the original file. The product is popular with HPE NonStop customers whose hours-long backups are creating challenges within their processing environments. FS Backup and Restore does not replace HPE NonStop Backup and Restore utilities.  It complements them as well as all other third-party physical and virtual NonStop tape products and storage solutions.

TANDSoft Aug 21

Reduces backup times from hours to minutes by backing up and restoring data block differences, not whole files

FS Backup and Restore Backs Up To Disc, Then Optionally to Tape

Unlike the commonly used methodology of backing up directly to tape or virtual tape, FS Backup and Restore backs up to disc, then optionally (based on a customer’s preference) to physical or virtual tape for safekeeping. Since changes only are backed up, far less storage is required.  A month’s worth of dailies and more can be backed up easily to disc. This allows for tremendous efficiencies not only in storage requirements but also in backup time.  From hours to minutes.

FS Backup and Restore Features and Benefits

Learn more about any or all TANDsoft products by contacting Jack Di Giacomo (+1 514-695-2234 / or Dieter Orlowski (+1 303-263-4381 /

TANDsoft Will Exhibit at the In-Person Boot Camp and in the Virtual Boot Camp

We can’t wait to see you this October, either in-person or online.  TANDsoft will exhibit both new products and flagship products at the NonStop Technical Boot Camp in Denver, Colorado USA from October 5th through October 7th.  We are Booth S10. Can’t make it to Denver?  Visit TANDsoft’s virtual booth at the TBC21 Digital Experience event.  It opens online on October 13th.  For more information and to register for either event.

Since 1993, TANDsoft has served as a global provider of innovative HPE NonStop software solutions for use in time virtualization, application modernization, security, and business continuity.  Many NonStop customers use our intercept technology to enhance application functionality with no program modifications or even in the absence of source code. Check us out at for updates on all our products. In addition to FS Backup and Restore, our portfolio includes the new FS Compare and Repair, our flagship products FileSync and OPTA2000, Sensitive Data Intercept for security and compliance, the Enscribe-to-SQL Toolkit for application modernization, and the OPTA suite of application tools.