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TANDsoft’s FS Compare and Repair – Blazing Speed, Unparalleled Reliability; Offers SQL/MX Support in Version 4.1



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It’s official. TANDsoft’s FS Compare and Repair is the most rapid and reliable compare/repair product for use in the HPE NonStop environment. It reads files at the block level, regardless of block size, and can compare 10 million records in just 13 seconds. FS Compare and Repair identifies, reports, and resolves rows, records, columns and field discrepancies in Enscribe files, OSS files, and SQL/MP tables for both live and offline databases.

With the introduction of Version 4.1, FS Compare and Repair adds support for SQL/MX.  Same blazing speed, same superior reliability, all the popular features and benefits of earlier versions.

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FS Compare and Repair Features in All Versions


Superior Reliability

Much has been made about the speed of FS Compare and Repair. What makes the product even more attractive is its superior reliability. Users are confident that their PROD and DR databases are the same throughout the update process. Once a customer assigns the appropriate replication lag time for the environment, FS Compare and Repair efficiently and accurately detects, reports, and corrects true discrepancies both in active/passive and active/active environments. Moving parts, one-way or two-way, do not compromise the reliability of FS Compare and Repair.

FS Compare and Repair removes the complexities that so often accompany source and target synchronization. Take, for instance, a database with multiple partitions. FS Compare and Repair accurately processes multiple-partition comparisons in parallel rather than sequentially and does so in a timely manner.

FS Compare and Repair can run during normal business hours, complements all NonStop data replication products, and is certified on all NonStop servers.  Zero application modifications are required.  Find additional information at . Ask about our free trials.


TANDsoft Will Exhibit at the TBC21 Digital Experience

We can’t wait to see you this October. TANDsoft will exhibit both new products and flagship products at the upcoming NonStop Technical Boot Camp.  The virtual event runs from Tuesday, October 5th through Thursday, October 7th. Visit TANDsoft’s virtual booth at any time throughout the conference, but plan to attend TANDsoft’s new product demo on Tuesday from 12:20 pm to 12:50 pm CDT. Company Principal Jack Di Giacomo will present “Accessing SQL/MX Data from Enscribe Applications, Transparent to the Application, and Blazing Fast.” For information and to register for either event,

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TANDsoft is a global provider of innovative HPE NonStop software solutions for use in time virtualization, application modernization, security, and business continuity.  Many NonStop customers use our intercept technology to enhance application functionality with no program modifications or even in the absence of source code.  Learn more about any or all TANDsoft products by contacting Jack Di Giacomo (+1 514-695-2234 / or Dieter Orlowski (+1 303-263-4381 /