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TANGO: Fast-Track to Cloud Payments



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Lusis Oct 21

In today’s Retail Payments market there are two critical success factors; scale your business for revenue growth and optimize your operations for cost savings. This is a simple and well-known adage, but it masks a myriad of complexities. The inherent difficulties in meeting stringent regulations, reducing costs, and responding to rapidly changing market needs has driven legacy payments systems to breaking point.

Changing payments platforms represents a multi-decade investment commitment with serious repercussions in the event of failure. However, no amount of “just hanging on” will avoid the inevitable and it will only result in a loss of opportunities to more nimble competitors. With so much at stake it is understandable that management teams are cautious about changing payments platforms – but perhaps to their own detriment?

Fortunately, a clear way forward is emerging – TANGO by Lusis Payments.
TANGO is used by 4 of the top 10 Retail Banks to power their payments strategies, as well as a multitude of banks and processors around the globe. TANGO’s advanced micro-services technology and pedigree customers are clear advantages over its rivals. Additionally, TANGO’s functional richness, and unique configuration flexibility, guarantee ongoing business advantages.

A recent TANGO Cloud deployment provides a great example of these advantages. 
An existing Lusis customer successfully redeployed their legacy DCC service into the Azure cloud using TANGO. As a result, the customer achieved substantial cost savings and vastly improved operational efficiencies. The entire service was implemented using standard product code and was delivered for acceptance testing within 3 months.

TANGO was deployed in the Azure cloud with Azure SQL using TANGO’s built in Active-Active configuration to ensure the highest availability. External links were used to connect to the bank’s on-premise HSMs and Card Association networks to leverage existing investment. TANGO’s tokenization support protects the card details and the Azure security was augmented with the bank’s own measures to achieve PCI certification.

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