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lusis aug 18

Recently, one of Lusis Payments’ clients, Bankserv Africa, performed a stress test of TANGO on their own Production and Test systems. The stress test was conducted on what was considered one of the busiest transactional days due to South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) payments. In the graph below, the blue line depicts actual transactions per second being run during each hour of the business day. On the same graph, the green line indicates the high-volume capacity still available as determined by the stress test conducted on the system, even on this high volume trading day.

lusis aug 18 -1

Bankserv Africa’s Production and Test systems feature the same configurations therefore enabling like for like testing capability with regards to hardware, software and fail over scenarios. Their target was set at 600 tps. With the NonStop X, SSD and configuration, Bankserv Africa was able to see their systems have the capacity to achieve up to 1400tps, which over sought their target tremendously.

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