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TBC brings to a close a very successful 2017 for TCM

And we look to 2018 and beyond in NonStop




There are few better ways to round off a successful year than travelling to the NonStop heartlands of San Francisco and attending the main event of the year: NonStop Technical Boot Camp. It’s very much starting to feel like home for TCM and is always fun to meet some familiar faces. We’re certain the steady flow of people to the TCM booth was all to do with our intriguing NonStop service offerings and had nothing to do with the open bottle of Glenrothes single malt! Even if it wasn’t, we thoroughly enjoyed meeting NonStop friends, old and new, and learning about their take on everything happening in our industry.

Indeed, I remarked to my colleague during the event that the act of listening was often taking precedence over that of talking. As much as we are there, suited and booted (as well as boothed and boozed!) and ready to talk all things TCM, we so regularly found ourselves deep in conversation with customers, fellow partners, and members of the HPE team about how drastically the fortunes of NonStop have changed over the last few years. It was interesting and valuable to hear the different perspective on offer, understanding what this has meant to these different groups and how this is affecting plans for the future. Such events provide great value in building up a wider, fuller picture of where the industry as whole is going, not just the technology.

We have talked a lot about a resurgent positivity surrounding NonStop and this year at TBC it was there, but different. The slightly nervous, anticipation of years gone by has given way to rooted expectation, and with it a strong, palpable sense of real progression. For many, it is no longer a question of whether NonStop will endure, and more one of how far can we take it? HPE, vendors and customers alike are making plans, developing ideas, implementing developments – investing in NonStop. So, whereas the last couple of TCBs have spoke of potential, this year it was of achievement. Momentum is building.

For TCM, this last year has followed much the same path. We started the year with ideas, with potential and some eleven and half months later we have delivered. We have delivered for our current customers and projects, as well as welcoming new customers and partners, and bringing in new members to the TCM team – all whilst maintaining a 100% record of SLA achievement. We continue to build from a platform of NonStop Expertise and flexible solution delivery, as optimised by our cloud-based NonStop Centre of Excellence.

For the coming year our attention turns to solutions. The more we reflect on the latest developments in NonStop, the more we track a trend away from a ‘technology’ or ‘platform’ and more towards solutions. It seems that NonStops are no longer just for those already with NonStops, that they can easily slot in to an IT strategy yet to embrace the wonders of true fault-tolerance. For TCM, our goals are in the pursuit of exactly this: NonStop Solutions – both for current users and the yet to be initiated! Of course, the technology makes the pursuit far easier, but for TCM the key to its success is the surrounding layer of service and experience. This is where our years of knowledge and breadth of skills will allow us to rapidly accelerate the adoption of new NonStop by new NonStop users. All the advantages of the technology, without any of the complexities of getting the solution off the ground.

Yes 2018 looks like an exciting year for TCM and for all connected with NonStop. We’ll sign off 2017 by thanking everyone who came by to see us throughout the year’s events and wish everyone a happy festive break.

See you all in 2018.