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TCM is with you on your journey, whether it’s modernization or simply a path to a better understanding of your NonStop system.

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Whenever enterprises talk of their vision, they are mostly addressing shareholders and senior management. Almost every time, they then transition to strategy talking in terms of immediate tactical assignments together with longer term and, most often, larger, goals that pursue the strategy to better deliver on the vision.

This is well known process. Pick up any annual report and there will be coverage of progress made to date in meeting the goals set by the enterprise. Markets may change even as geopolitics can upset timings but in general, this separation of shorter-term tactical objectives from the projects that simply take more time to execute is all part-and-parcel of running an enterprise today.

HPE has made it clear that its vision embraces hybrid IT supported by a program that ensures everything on offer today can be delivered on the basis of as-a-service. Hybrid IT launched a modernization program across all of HPE involving the entire product portfolio. Hand-in-glove with this program, Hybrid IT and Modernization is the stated objective of “bringing the cloud to you” as HPE refines its product and services portfolio to better focus on delivering multiple options that will help enterprises in their alignment with HPE’s vision.

When it comes to TCM, following recent NonStop customer events and conferences where team members have provided updates on products and services, this duopoly is clearly recognized. TCM is tracking short term tactical offerings even as strategically, longer term projects are beginning to shape up. The move into products has been driven by the recognition that tools used internally by the TCM team provide value to the NonStop customer.

Investments made with the ongoing education and training of TCM team members have resulted in a knowledge base within TCM that can be now directed at NonStop customers looking to modernize.

“As we watch the challenges faced by our NonStop customers as the NonStop team moves rapidly to virtualization and work with solutions providers to deliver solutions-as-a-service, we found it necessary to tackle the immediate problems even as we made presentation of the expertise we had on hand,” said Andy Vasey, Services Business Consultant, TCM Solutions. “I think it is just so critical for managed services providers, such as ourselves, to remain aware at all times of the short-term needs of our NonStop customers as well as being in a position to help them to address issues that are of strategic importance for their enterprise.”

Following presentations during 2022 that highlighted our focus on our InSight program, we have had a positive response from numerous NonStop customers. Requests to run InSight and have it provide meaningful snapshot that visualizes scope of existing NonStop configurations have arisen and reinforced the value of this tool. To date, we have seen the follow-up from these NonStop customers translate into positive actions, covering a full spectrum of responses including encouragement from the NonStop customers leading to either TCM or the NonStop customer themselves implementing our recommendations.

While TCM InSight can best be categorized as a short-term project for TCM being tactical in nature and designed to be an entry point in our discussions with the NonStop customer, here at TCM we view and promote application modernization as fundamentally more strategic in nature as it typically leads to much larger scale engagement. The projects that follow such engagements have generally been a result of the presentations given by TCM’s Shiva Subramanian who has been actively evangelizing TCM’s expertise in modernization at practically every major NonStop event and conference in 2023.

“It may take a number of calls to fully communicate our modernization message,” said Shiva, “but already we are seeing positive results. These are projects where the messenger does need to approach the NonStop customers more than once, but after they have heard our story more than once, usually the benefits become apparent and an engagement follows.”

It has been a constant theme of TCM throughout 2023 that continues into 2024. It is part of our message of modernization that we fully encourage the NonStop community to undertake a bigger investment in modernizing their NonStop development, deployment and operations of applications. Moving away from proprietary tools and utilities is crucial for reducing the overall costs of managing NonStop applications today, particularly when there is an opportunity provided by TCM to leverage the skills already in place across TCM’s team. We see it as a major opportunity, indeed an opportunity beneficial to all NonStop customers as we witness firsthand the difficulties that arise when NonStop customers are faced with the management of ageing applications that together with the diminished presence of the skillset can be daunting without the presence of the TCM team to address skillset shortfalls that may develop.

Our presence at the upcoming pan-European GTUG event will be one more instance where we have another opportunity for Shiva to address the application modernization requirements of NonStop customers where such projects have become more strategic for these customers’ IT staff. It is always been an important factor in TCM’s approach to working with the NonStop community as there really is never any substitute for hearing directly from the NonStop customer base. And to be honest, TCM enjoys every opportunity to be present for events and conferences wherever there is a gathering of the NonStop community.

We trust we will see more of you as we provide updates on our products and services. We know that many more conversations are likely to follow concerning the journeys of NonStop users, particularly when it comes to application modernization or even when it is a case of simply coming to better terms with their NonStop systems and settings. Rest assured, TCM is only too happy to join you on this journey and be with you wherever your path might take you.