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TCM – leveraging the value of networking at live events





The interest in events has returned in earnest. In terms of number of NonStop events that have returned to an in-person format it seems as you could fill your calendar with one NonStop event or another for each month in the year. It certainly feels like the interest in events has been rekindled in earnest following the easing of pandemic restrictions. For TCM this has been a time to renew old acquaintances even as it is an opportunity to pick up on conversations as they were left two plus years ago.

Of course, we have all become used to TEAMS and ZOOM calls but they never really provided any true sense of community that the NonStop community has come to appreciate. And yet, they kept the storyline moving along such that where we are today is proving of interest to NonStop users and vendors alike. The HPE initiative to offer all its products on the basis of a service has come to fruition and we now have Payments as a Service courtesy of Lusis Payments and Manufacturing as a Service courtesy of abat+. For the NonStop community, being able to participate in conversations drawing from multiple vendors has always been important for TCM as staying ahead of trends allows us to plan for the future.

With in-person events happening in the Americas, CTUG will be holding their event as this digital publication goes to press, as well as in EMEA thanks to BITUG and hopefully, we will see an even bigger turnout for the eBITUG event planned for 2023 in Edinburgh. There is even an in-person event to be held in AsiaPac, so we have heard, and should there be a return to in-person events with OzTUG then we have to believe that they too will pull attendees from the northern hemisphere particularly if their event coincides with a southern hemisphere summer.

Irrespective of where these events will be held, there is always NonStop Technical Boot Camp 2022 to look forward to and this year, TCM is a Platinum Sponsor joining with many other vendors to ensure a well-funded event can proceed along lines we have grown accustomed to – social networking opportunities we are sure will prove to be among the events highlights. It is very much a reminder of how well the NonStop community shares information and of how product news is quickly disseminated again, to the benefit of all.

Returning to the recent BITUG event in London and to the topic of networking one of the more pleasurable outcomes was the opportunity to exchange ideas with NTI. At TCM we had worked together successfully on a major system upgrade at a financial institution in AsiaPac and being aware of the program for PoCs it was only natural that our conversations turned to pursuing greater cooperation in the future. To this end we have now reached an agreement that positions TCM to become a go-to-service organization whenever NonStop users need assistance with deployments and education on all things DRNet® related.

As has been published in the August 24, 2022 news release, NTI and TCM partner to support HPE NonStop users deploying DRNet®. The bilateral nature of this agreement is such that both parties will be able to call on each other as circumstances dictate. Furthermore, both parties have agreed to displaying each other’s approved corporate logos on respective websites as well as on select collateral, including that which will appear in product presentations:

“TCM has enjoyed considerable success working with NTI in the past and, more recently, has supported a major migration of hardware and software for a major international bank. With the added support for DRNet® product packages that meet the demands to integrate and distribute data from core to edge and provide business broader solutions to all bank’s data movement needs, this partnership is the realization that the NonStop community can benefit from leveraging skillsets, whether product or services.”
D. Craig – Managing Director, TCM

To read the news announcement in full, follow the hyperlink (above) or simply follow this link –,%20NTI/nti-and-tcm-partner-to-support-hpe-nonstop-users-deploying-drnet

It cannot be overstated juts how valuable in-person events prove to be. There will always be financial considerations that may affect one event or another from going in-person just as there could be mandates reintroduced at any time. However, from what we have seen to date can only add to the enthusiastic support of in-person events continuing for the foreseeable future.

At TCM we view the opportunity to introduce the NonStop community to new products and services that we are providing – if you missed the news about our new services offerings, Insight and SIMSwap then it might be the right time to give us a call or to email us as below – as a key element of our marketing outreach. Adding to our ecosystem as is now the case with NTI likewise further reinforcement of the kind of expertise we can bring to bear on any business situation facing a NonStop user.

With NonStop Technical Boot Camp 2022 now only a matter of being weeks away, we trust that we will have an opportunity to talk to you even as we know you will be looking forward to networking once again in person just as we at TCM are of similar mindset. Safe travels!