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Make the most of the x86 platform with an upgrade to MQ v8




For many Enterprise organisations running NonStop, IBM’s WebSphere MQ product is the best solution for their inter-application, platform independent messaging needs. Until recently IBM only ever supported an outdated v5.3.x.x version for NonStop platform which did not keep up with the latest functionality and features available for MQ for other platforms, like Linux and Mainframes.

IBM together with its partner has now ported the (near) latest version of MQ from other platforms over to NonStop for both the x86 and Itanium NonStop family. It’s the only version that runs on the x86 family of NonStop Servers.

Now in general release, MQ v8.n is ready to deploy.

However, your NonStop support team may not have the experience with the nuances of the latest release and your Middleware team on other platforms do not know NonStop, so what do you do?

This is where TCM can help you.

TCM’s consultants have been designing and supporting Customer’s MQ environments for many years. They were actively involved in the development of IBM’s MQ v8 and are leading experts in MQ deployments on NonStop Systems. Be it simple or complex (clustered) configurations, our team has knowledge and skillset to get the best out of your setup.

TCM will analyse your existing MQ setup and together with your enterprise requirements determine a configuration that is right for your organization. We can optionally install and test that configuration on your NonStop’s for you and be there every step of the way until you go-live into Production.

TCM MQ Service Deliverables:


For assistance with your MQ v8 upgrade or any other NonStop support requirements, speak to TCM today.

TCM – The NonStop Experts