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TCM – Playing to the crowd on our home field: E-BITUG in Edinburgh, Scotland; what’s not to like? Will we see you there?



There is always a recognizable advantage when you are the home team. When it comes to an event in Edinburgh, there is so much that your TCM team knows about the town, its castle passageways and lanes, where to find the best restaurants and pubs and perhaps most important of all, where to go for a wee dram of whisky. The home team always plays to the crowd and this year, with the European NonStop Symposium, E-BITUG, about to kickoff, there will definitely be a crowd coming to Edinburgh that will find the hospitality afforded by TCM something to remember.

Whether you have signed up for the Tour of the Palace of Holyrood  House, a part of the Whisky Experience, or perhaps you have shown a preference for that grand game of Scotland – Golf, of course. These social and networking opportunities are still open for registration as is participation in the event itself. If as yet you are still undecided about joining the rest of your fellow NonStop community members then rest assured, this is THE event of the Year for all members of the European NonStop community. To register, simply follow this link –

It is hard to ignore the networking opportunities whether pursued on a social basis or deep inside a technical presentation as there truly is no substitute for hearing about solutions of interest first hand from those that have been the pioneers. At this year’s event look for many of the NonStop vendors providing updates on new products, new features, and new use case scenarios. You need to make sure you do the rounds of the vendor tables just to see faces old and perhaps new. Together, it is these NonStop vendors who have been delivering tools, utilities and services that for many of them span almost the entire history of NonStop, dating back to Tandem Computers.

TCM will be visible wherever you turn. Yes, it is our home ground and we have stepped up to be a Platinum Sponsor so you will have no trouble finding us. What will really set TCM apart is the strong relationships with have formed with the HPE NonStop team as well as our ties to the many NonStop vendors attending the event. It is simply the nature of the managed services industry to be across all the latest product offerings and to this end, the exposure TCM has had to all that is happening within the NonStop community is proving invaluable. If you are concerned about virtualized NonStop (vNS) or GreenLake then yes, TCM has already gained considerable experience on both counts.

There is a growing awareness that in today’s IT environment the NonStop team has made great strides to remove complexity from building and maintaining applications on NonStop. Application modernization together with support for DevOps has been the feature of numerous posts to the HPE Community Blog that collectively debunk the idea that NonStop solutions can only be developed by specialists. If your IT organization is committed to the Java platform, prefers Python or remains firmly in the camp of C/C++ then what you will find available to those developers will be the same familiar tools, libraries and more. NonStop is firmly part of IT and as such, requires no further investment on the part of customer development groups.

When it comes to the transition from traditional NonStop to virtualized NonStop, TCM has invested resources to better understand the ins and outs of an optimized vNS deployment. This is an undertaking we first covered in a presentation at the NonStop Technical Boot Camp, 2022 (#NSTBC22) and is further demonstration of the investment TCM continues to make in the further development of the skillset of our team. It represents a major advancement for TCM as many NonStop users are showing few signs of reticence when it comes to exploring the potential benefits that come with deploying vNS.

Shiva Subramanian of TCM led this in-depth look at vNS and having presented at NSTBC22, he will again be providing an update on TCM’s experience with vNS at this year’s E-BITUG. So why tackle vNS? And why did Subramanian take on the assignment?

“Everything is moving towards the cloud – public or private. The exciting opportunities that future presents and the flexibility and scalability that it offers was not lost on me. Also, we wanted to find out how difficult it would be for a developer with no system knowledge to go build a vNS. Now that’s the kind of challenge I’ve always loved.”

If you missed out on hearing from Shiva at NSTBC22 then look for his presentation early afternoon Tuesday May 16 – vNS: To InfiniBand & Beyond. “As the world moves towards the cloud, virtualization has proven to be one of the important transformations in the NonStop landscape,” said Shiva. “We will talk about our own journey to virtualization and where we’ve come since and our plans for the future as we bring legacy applications to the cloud using DevOps methodologies.”

Also on the agenda for E-BITUG is a further update on a recent development project that gave rise to the product, TCM InSight. With the deployment of this product in NonStop installations, users are given a quick snapshot assessment aimed at providing a clear and accurate understanding of their NonStop systems and setup. “Consider this as similar to passing your driver’s test – a test that you should really repeat at regular intervals whether it is your NonStop system or your driver’s license – yes, there is a questionnaire followed by the running of a script that as a user you will perform that then will be accessed by TCM that in return, delivers a comprehensive report providing assessment of eighteen NonStop areas of interest.”

If this is new to you or a presentation you missed on a previous occasion, then make sure you pencil in Wednesday late morning for the Plenary Session – How InSight Stops Oversight. On this occasion you will hear Andy Vasey of TCM provide further update on TCM InSight and whether you are a systems manager or senior management looking for independent appraisal of NonStop functionality, then this will be of interest to you. And if you need to follow up during the event then yes, come to our table where we will make you feel as much at home with NonStop as we do providing NonStop managed services around the globe from here in Scotland. Remember, too, that you can order TCM InSight from your HPE NonStop representative whenever dealing directly with HPE becomes the preferred option.

DevOps, vNS, InSight appraisals – these topics will be under the spotlight in Edinburgh. Some aspect of all of these may be new to you but as we will be demonstrating, these are all the subject of ongoing investments by TCM. It may be well understood that a town or a village can provide a home field advantage for a sporting team but when it comes to NonStop and all that pertains to NonStop, attendees at this year’s E-BITUG can be assured that home field advantage applies to much more than a location. It’s the experience and the knowledge working together that provides the level of home field advantage TCM enjoys today!