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TCM – preparing for a full calendar of events in 2023 as we bring expertise to bear on Virtualization, Clouds and Infrastructure-as-a-Service



The pages of our calendars continue to be turned or perhaps ripped from the wall. Already we are coming towards the end of the calendar first quarter of 2023. The major events and conferences of 2022 are fading from memory even as the promotion of the next major event are becoming more prominent on social media and even in our email inboxes. It’s the beginning of a new cycle for the NonStop community and TCM is preparing with a full slate of presentations and demonstrations.

In his post of December 22, 2022, Closing the chapter on 2022 and looking ahead to 2023 George Hope, Worldwide Head of Partner Sales and HPE, shared his thoughts on the future of the channel ecosystem, and more. “Businesses have not stopped adapting to change,” said George Hope. “With that realization, it is more difficult than ever today to make future-looking predictions, but it is also extremely important to understand the market trends that are ahead of us.” Adaptation, ecosystems, market trends. It hasn’t just been limited to the discussions among HPE’s biggest channel partners but has been subject to numerous conversations within the NonStop community.

TCM has witnessed firsthand the growing interest in virtualization, cloud computing as well as what possibly lies ahead with respect to the impact from GreenLake. When it comes to future-looking predictions then TCM shares similar sentiments to those expressed by George Hope in that it is going to be difficult to discern which way the NonStop community goes. Then again, with our knowledge and experience of how NonStop users have come to where they are today it would not be surprising to see a mix of technologies, architectures and products along with further expansion of members of the community’s own partnerships and ecosystems playing an important role in determining how enterprise solutions are developed, delivered and ultimately monitored.

In its perennial report, IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Future of Industry Ecosystems 2023 Predictions, IDC predicts that “By 2025, 60% of infrastructure, security, data, and network offerings will require cloud-based control platforms that enable extensive automation and promise major reductions in ongoing operating costs.” IDC also notes how “The pace of innovation makes it difficult for organizations to keep up. As such, every organization needs an external source of data, insights, applications, operations, and expertise to complement and grow their business.”

We recently wrote of how the topics of virtualization and cloud services have generated considerable discussion among our NonStop customers. For instance, TCM has devoted resources to better understand and subsequently support those NonStop users looking to capitalize on the benefits of running a virtual system. Looking to tap into expertise  where a  combination of cloud / virtual machine capability together  with good old fashioned NonStop know-how (in support of mission critical applications running on NonStop), is becoming an all too frequent demand among our customers.

TCM has led by example. With the company’s focus continuing to be centered on NonStop, where there is a depth of experience and expertise unmatched within the NonStop community, TCM has stepped up its investment in these new enterprise requirements. The best example of our increased investment can be seen in the steps we have taken to advance the knowledge of our own specialists – building a working viable virtualized NonStop (vNS) solution as was done by Shiva Subramanian that was covered in his in-depth presentation at NonStop TBC2022.

Consider this as just the beginning however. We are as aware as are most of our NonStop customers that HPE is making a huge commitment to its GreenLake initiative. Of late that has become the centerpiece of HPE’s strategy for the enterprise and in bringing “the cloud experience to you,” exemplifies a major sea-change underway at HPE. Just as HPE succeeded in transforming NonStop into primarily a software offering capable of running on any x86 processor (with access to fabrics including InfiniBand and Converged Ethernet), it is likewise succeeding in providing the option to deploy any HPE product on the basis of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).

TCM is already talking to those NonStop users who plan to consider turning to HPE GreenLake for IaaS and TCM will once again be advancing the knowledge of our specialists with this model for supporting enterprise solutions. TCM has always maintained a strong customer focus and this is not changing with potential GreenLake opportunities. Already we are seeing the first baby-steps being taken by NonStop customers with a simple switch in the method of payments (for infrastructure) but we anticipate deeper dives into GreenLake are likely to take place in 2023. TCM will be prepared to accommodate such future developments as this represents just one more extension of our support of NonStop system management, which is at the core of everything TCM does.

As we see the months pass by, the upcoming events in 2023 will provide the perfect venue for TCM to address the needs of those NonStop users continuing to adapt to change. Irrespective of whether you think the move to virtualization, clouds and IaaS (through GreenLake) are simply a series of baby-steps or perhaps, major tectonic shifts, TCM is well aware of the demands this will place on access to expertise in these areas. At the upcoming eBITUG to be held in Edinburgh, Scotland from May 15 – 17, 2023, TCM will be present and hard to miss. 

We will be a major sponsor occupying a prominent position within the vendor displays – look for us; we welcome any and all opportunities to discuss the changing NonStop landscape we expect to see emerge in 2023. Should you have any questions or simply looking for someone to have a conversation with whether it is about virtualization, clouds and IaaS or indeed anything to do with the traditional deployment of NonStop we would welcome you reaching out to us. Just use the email address below.