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TCM – returning to in person events and highlight of 2022 BITUG BIG SIG




tcm-jun22-1The crowd gathering before the keynote presentation
by Neil Davis, Director, NonStop EMEA

It was obvious to all attendees that the single biggest attraction of this year’s BITUG BIG SIG was the return to an in person event. As much as the NonStop community adapted to ZOOM and TEAMS video experiences there simply is no substitute for meeting in person with all the networking that this makes possible. This was especially evident in the large NonStop contingent who attemded the ‘Beer Bust’ at Brewdog pub the evening before BIG SIG.

For TCM it represented the biggest opportunity to date to interact with HPE, the NonStop vendor community and those that are on the front line with regards to the deployment of NonStop systems.

“It was just a great experience to be meeting people face to face again: I think BIG SIG was an introduction to getting back to face to face events and since it’s been a few years, admittedly, BITUG was a little ‘rusty’ when it came to actually hosting such an event,” said Collin Yates, Technical Director at TCM and BITUG Treasurer and Vendor Liaison. “It did not help that lanyards never got delivered by DPD one, but all things that we as the committee will fix for next major event – which of course will be eBITUG 2023.”

And yet, with the HPE NonStop team present in numbers and willing to cover any topic raised, its contribution to the success of the event was noticeable. All NonStop presentations were well attended with the opening keynote by Neil Davis, Director, NonStop EMEA, given to a packed house. It was clear to all participants that the NonStop business under the stewardship of Neil is doing very well and that the further business to come is an expectation that could not be discounted.

“All in all I think everyone that attended this year’s BITUG event
enjoyed the presentations. I think the main message was that
‘NonStop and the people that care are back after the Pandemic’.

Collin Yates -Technical Director, TCM and BITUG Treasurer and Vendor Liaison

When it came time for TCM to present, this included two separate presentations featuring a migration we performed followed by the launch of two new services TCM recently developed. Both presentations were well attended. Together they presented TCM with the opportunity to update the NonStop community on not just the types of experiences TCM has enjoyed of late and that can be readily leveraged by other NonStop users facing similar situations but effectively projected the results of the commitment by TCM to stay very focused on the needs of the NonStop community.

The first presentation was on behalf of Qatar Central Bank, a financial institution serving as the central ATM and POS switch for all of Qatar. This NonStop user was undertaking a platform refresh to their Base24 Classic environment that included a migration from NS2300 to NSX4’s and, as part of that migration and as a result of NonStop RDF becoming a mature product, the HPE NonStop team sold Shadowbase to the customer. “TCM performed the RDF to Shadowbase migration portion of the project on behalf of HPE,” said Collin. “They are extremely pleased with the results as, by implementing Shadowbase Bi-directional, they can run ‘Sizzling Hot’, something they could not do with RDF.” In so doing, Qatar Central Bank reduced their DR RTO down from 45 minutes to 10 minutes.


As for the second presentation provided by TCM’s Ian Horrocks, that featured new services being provided by TCM that are based on experiences and observations made during recent managed services engagements. These included TCM InSight and SIMSwap Fraud Protection Services. “InSight is a service providing a snapshot assessment of a customers’ NonStop system delivering genuine insight into all that is currently transpiring on the platform,” said Daniel Craig, Managing Director, TCM. “SIMSwap Fraud Protection Service is a new business level service aimed at protecting Banks’ customers from the growing threat of SIMSwap fraud; built on vNS, using the latest application development toolsets.”

“When it comes to TCM and the InSight service its worth repeating
that from our own observations,
NonStop systems do benefit from
a little TLC and this is where we see TCM Insight proving
most beneficial to the NonStop community.”

D. Craig – Managing Director, TCM

The return to in person events proved once again that with the right mix of networking opportunities, product and market updates and the visible engagement by the HPE NonStop team, the NonStop community will take full advantage of the occasion. The turnout at BITUG BIG SIG was a reminder that the NonStop community continues to rely on NonStop systems in support of its mission critical applications and with the constant stream of NonStop users looking to migrate with every change the NonStop team brings to market, it’s reassuring to see no lessening in the support and indeed the enthusiasm readily recognizable coming from the NonStop community.

For TCM this was perhaps the best possible outcome following the abnormal times that came with the rise of the global pandemic and it was such a positive outcome for the efforts made in continuing to foster an environment for the free flow of ideas. Look for TCM to be present at the NonStop Technical Boot Camp 2022 (NonStopTBC22) later in the year and of course, pencil into your calendars the upcoming eBITUG 2023 with its return to the Sheraton in Edinburgh.

Should you want additional information about the new services offerings – InSight and SIMSwap simply give us a call. We welcome all inquiries; just email us as below.