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TCM – taking the stage at NonStop Technical Boot Camp 2022



For the HPE NonStop community there has always been something magical about major NonStop events. Whenever they are held, they attract a crowd. Perhaps not quite the size of crowd attracted during the heady days of ITUG Summits past, but still very strong reflection on the importance of NonStop systems within the enterprise IT community. When it comes to supporting mission critical applications the fault tolerant attribute of NonStop remain as highly valued as it ever was. 

With NonStop Technical Boot Camp 2022 (NonStopTBC) only a matter of days away from opening its doors once again, there is a level of expectation among the NonStop vendor community that the NonStop team will pull more than one rabbit from their collective hats. This has always been the venue to deliver exciting new products. Who could easily forget the news that NonStop was being ported to blades? Perhaps even more excitement was created with the news that NonStop would be running on the Intel x86 platforms. Topping all of this was the news that NonStop would be available to run on virtual machines; a disclosure that closed the deal on NonStop becoming a pure software play.

This year NonStop TBC will be well supported by a 6-strong TCM team, where we will have an opportunity to brief the NonStop community on new and ever improving services, as wells major project such as combined system and application migrations as well as our experiences with virtualized NonStop (vNS). For TCM the opportunity to actively engage with the NonStop user community is something we look forward to every time NonStop TBC comes around. The opportunity to bring our expertise to bear on migrations, including modernizing the deployment of existing applications, is at the very heart of what we do.

Indeed, this year TCM will be providing two presentations, this first of which detailing our Customer’s experience in completing an application migration and platform refresh utilising HPE’s Shadowbase ZDM:

TBC22-TB50 – Central Bank of Oman Dramatically 
Improves its Payment Switch’s Availability

Speaker: Rick Stather, TCM

The Central Bank of Oman (CBO) needed to upgrade their NS2100s, 
which were approaching End-of-Life dates, to NSX3s. CBO leveraged an 
HPE Shadowbase Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM) to perform 
the platform refresh for their BASE24 application.
They also decided to replace their active / passive RDF configuration, 
which is in the MATURE product state with no new features planned, with a 
more advanced HPE Shadowbase Business Continuity Sizzling-Hot-Takeover (SZT) solution. The bank is now strategically positioned to deploy a future active/active solution.

During this talk, we will review the project goals, requirements, 
aggressive timeline, and “gotchas,” including the how and why of 
the choices made for the ultimate architecture (and products) selected.

Our second presentation describes our new InSight Healthcheck service, helping customers gain new perspective on how their NonStop is managed and optimised. In a two-for-one, we will also detail our own exploits building out a vNS solution as we navigated through all the possible pitfalls that may challenge even the most experienced NonStop system manager. The good news here is that yes, we did it and yes, we have gained experience with all the steps required to successfully transition to an all-software NonStop deployment. This was an exercise we believe we had to do as the experience gained positions us well for the future. 

It is definitely one Vender Theater Sessions that we trust that you too will look forward to attending as it’s a topic that should be of interest to your enterprise.   

Regency Ballroom A – Tuesday November 8 at 1:00pm

TBC22-VT15 – Delivering New InSight into NonStop Analysis 
and the Journey to Virtualisation

Daniel Craig, Andy Vasey, and Shiva Subramanian, TCM

TCM, a long term HPE Partner, lives and breathes NonStop. 
Our highly skilled personnel provide technical assistance and service 
solutions to customers around the world. Key to our success is the 
constant strive to find new ways to help and assist NonStop users. 

In this presentation we discuss one of our latest 
service offerings: TCM InSight – a quick, snapshot assessment 
aimed at providing a clear and accurate understanding 
of your NonStop systems and setup.

We also welcome one of our younger NonStop experts, 
Shiva Subramanian, to takes us through his journey building 
a virtualized NonStop from scratch. In particular, Shiva discusses 
some of the lessons learned in adopting the technology 
and some useful tips and tricks for those looking to 
embark on their own journey into the realm of vNS.

For a more complete description of each of these sessions, please check the NonStop TBC website. Make sure too that you don’t miss out by adding both of these sessions to your own agenda as you complete building your program with Whova. 

And before celebrations begin and the mandatory “I’ll drink to that” is heard from the audience, TCM will once be bringing with us a selection of fine Scotch Whiskies. Make sure you drop by our stand to take advantage of our gregarious nature. Looking forward to seeing you all even as we know that the NonStop team is bound to unveil surprises that should keep us fully occupied with all things NonStop.