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TCM: The NonStop Upgrade ‘X’perts

Making migrations to the latest NonStop NSX platform easier than ever before.



NS Xperts


The NonStop X has made great waves for HPE. The old concerns voiced by infrastructure executives – that NonStop was perceived to be a non-standard platform – have been entirely dispelled since the highly successful launch of the NonStop X server, based entirely on the x86 processor. This move has given organisations the opportunity to revisit their long term strategic direction and has kept NonStop in the driving seat.

HPE has seen a vast number of organisations re-commit to the NonStop server platform for the long term. This has been spurred on by the fact that the x86 has such a strong branding, resonating much more easily with virtually everyone in the IT industry. Furthermore, the financial metrics of NonStop is such that every server estate has a predictable but finite lifespan before an upgrade makes a lot of commercial sense. The performance metrics of the NonStop X in particular, make a particularly compelling commercial argument. Hence why we have seen an upsurge of upgrades to the new NonStop server range.

Since the wave of ‘X-box’ upgrades began, TCM has been heavily engaged with new and existing clients in helping plan, implement and manage their NonStop X migrations. The good news is that the NonStop X migrations are proving to be moving quite smoothly. This doesn’t mean of course that you can simply migrate over a weekend. Risk has to be mitigated in any system upgrade. Data has to migrated; new systems have to be proven; network infrastructure has to re-tested, users need to be trained; and it all has to be proven in a pre-production environment. And don’t forget the many nuances of the new IP CLIMS that must also be migrated too!

This is why TCM has proven to be a key partner in migrating to ‘X’. TCM is pleased to have embraced the NonStop X technology from the outset and having completed a number of successful upgrades we are delighted to have built upon our 20 years experience in planning and managing migrations and operational environments for NonStop.

TCM can help and organisation to achieve their migration on time and on budget, and now even offers a complete turn-key X-upgrade solution, where the client simply pays a quarterly service cost – no high initial outlay for hardware or software, no cost variables, just a fixed quarterly charge that includes the supply, licensing and support of Hardware and Software, as well as associated Systems Management.

If you’d like to learn more about what TCM can do to smooth the way for your business to adopt NonStop X, please do get in touch with the NonStop ‘X’perts today. We’d be pleased to partner with you on your business evolution.

For more information on the broad range of NonStop services, please give us a call or email. We’re here to help.TCM


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