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TCM – the right partner when emerging technologies take flight!



As we look back on 2022 and the events that unfolded, NonStop Technical Boot Camp 2022 (NonStopTBC22) was certainly a highlight. For TCM it was once again an opportunity to be in the spotlight as we supported the NonStop community with multiple presentations addressing our success in helping the NonStop community and providing meaningful tips about technologies shaping up to become widely embraced in 2023.

It was just a year ago that Gartner Research published a report on 6 Key Forces Shaping Technology and Service Providers Through 2025.  In that report Gartner published a number of insights that we readily identified with, including – 

“If 2020 highlighted anything for technology and service providers (TSPs), it was the need to constantly adapt and evaluate business models, products and marketing for the current business environment.” 

There were a number of topics that resonated with us based on our own experiences working with the NonStop community. In particular the topic of virtualization and cloud services is proving to be generating considerable discussion and we have not been immune to such conversations. TCM has devoted resources to better understand and subsequently support those NonStop users looking to capitalize on the benefits from running a virtual system.

The need for such investments was also recognized by Gartner just as they recognized the potential for disruptions in the way we evaluate emerging technologies – 

“Emerging technologies may seem like novelties when they first appear, but when these technologies become a trend, they can profoundly shape buying and selling behavior and enable new business models. Over the next several years, today’s immature technologies and ‘weak signals’ have the potential to disrupt what your product does, who it serves and how you deliver it.”

It is hard to ignore the fallout from HPE pivoting to providing all of their products as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Having turned the corner on a three-year program to give the customers a choice, HPE is seeing greater demand for solutions that are based on the OpEx model versus the traditional CapEx model and to address the changes that result from this pivot, TCM has increased its investment in NonStop.

If as yet you haven’t seen our latest video, accessible from our home page as well as on YouTube, you will hear of how we are prioritizing our investments to better support our NonStop customers, including advancements in the way we address these customers’ needs in 2022 as well as in the expansion of our own knowledge in emerging technologies we already see trending – 

“Finding the right specialists to support these systems can be challenging leaving some to see NonStop as difficult to manage and costly to operate. 

“Perhaps you have even been tempted to switch to a different platform, one that is unproven in a mission critical context.”  

With TCM you have the right partner for the times as we demonstrate decades of experience, the delivering of solutions covering all aspects of the needs of our NonStop customers – system management, resource optimization and everything in between and we are accumulating even greater experience in NonStop so perhaps that possible switch off the NonStop becomes irrelevant. 

This investment in further development of our skillset was best illustrated in our presentation at NonStopTBC22 by Shiva Subramanian. It was an opportunity for TCM to address the NonStop community with our own journey to virtualization featuring virtualized NonStop (vNS). This was a journey building a virtualized NonStop from scratch where “lessons learned in adopting the technology” led us to identifying “some useful tips and tricks for those looking to embark on their own journey into the realm of vNS.”

Returning to the topic of what is covered in our video, advancing the knowledge of our specialists is all part of the investment we are making for the future of NonStop as we see it – 

“Crucially our strategy includes the regular recruitment and training of the finest young talent to ensure we can provide services backed by the highest skilled resources now and in the future.”

Having given Shiva the opportunity to build vNS solution and to then see him present at NonStopTBC22 was just the latest example of  TCM stepping up to making the investment in technologies and in building experience within our company that our NonStop customers expect from us.

Indeed, TCM’s continued focus on having the ability to build solutions is driving the company into more areas where we feel we can deliver the most benefit. Often for us, this is not just the specific niche area, but rather the ability to provide customers with a single point of contact covering an array of these previously separate disciplines. Our journey to vNS is an example of this of course, seeing a combination of cloud/virtual machine capability with good old fashioned NonStop know-how, but so too is our combination of system and application capability, which is becoming a popular demand among our customers, seeing TCM assist with unified application and NonStop system migrations during platform refreshes. A single entity providing everything, making life easier for the end user.

As 2023 approaches, we look forward to delivering our broad solutions, and indeed looking for more areas we can bring not the fold.

Now that NonStopTBC22 has receded in the past, we are preparing for the pan-European eBIT event to be held in Edinburgh, May 15 – 17. We look forward to participating and we trust that you too are looking forward to participate. Will there be more surprises in store for the NonStop community? 

Will HPE provide updates on its rollout of new services, greater support of modernization and hybrid IT? Something else? We recognize that what was once considered novelties by the NonStop community continues to march to mainstream so there will be challenging times ahead. However, in TCM you have a vendor firmly in lockstep with all that is important for our NonStop customers. See you in Edinburgh and perhaps, as has become our tradition,  there will be one more Scotch to sample.