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TCM: We are as excited as the community about the return to in-person events in 2022





As much as we can see signs of a return to a level of normalcy that we haven’t seen in quite some time, the world has a long way to go before images of the past two years fully retreat from memory. We may be able to shop, drive our cars and visit our favorite restaurants and bars but all the same there is that nagging thought that if this is indeed the new normal then the time has come to seriously reevaluate our expectations. Social interactions drive innovation and the opportunity to discuss ideas fuel transformation of a notion we may have into something a lot more valuable.

In the article published in the December 2021 issue of NonStop Insider, When the box doesn’t fit we wrote of how the world of NonStop is not just changing, but is moving into new environments that are challenging our NonStop clients. “From bespoke, cross-platform backup solutions to application migrations with a twist, off-host data replication implementations, hosted NonStop solutions, fraud protection services (watch this space), automated lodgment processes and more, – so many of this year’s tasks all shared the same underlying component: they did not fit neatly into a pre-defined box.”

As we answered the ‘how can we help?’ calls, it became apparent that so often there are issues our customers suffer, without the time or space to properly plan and execute a resolution – and once NonStop gets introduced into the fray it becomes impossible to know where to start.
D Craig – Managing Director, TCM

The challenges facing our clients were not just looking for solutions that lived outside the box but they were looking to TCM to step up and say that yes, they can. TCM can do that and this was the topic of the January 2022 post to Connect Now, At TCM with what was covered at NonStop TBC21, our response is simple: We can do that! More than just stepping outside the box (to take on a different perspective, the message to our clients was best summed up with this thought. “No matter the subject of presentations provided by the NonStop team, rest assured that as we continue to grow our presence in multiple regions then again, yes, we can do that! We can provide the help you may need during any stage of a migration, an upgrade or a change in licensing arrangement.”

However, even as a normalcy is beginning to take shape there has been one thing that the past two years left unsaid and that was talk of getting back together and attending in-person events. No matter how we looked at that box and no matter what we saw as possible, for the past two years we just couldn’t do that. And the NonStop community thrives on in-person contact. For TCM it is not only a time to reinforce our commitment to our clients and to help out when new opportunities present themselves but a time to take in the larger view of what role NonStop systems will play in the future.

But this too has changed. With announcements that HPE Discover is returning to an in-person event and NonStop TBC 2022 will likewise return to an in-person event, there comes news that several regional groups and chapters are returning to in-person. SunTUG will have held their event by the time you have read this article, but for TCM the best news of all is that BITUG is returning to in-person for both the June and December events. In a clear indication that the NonStop community is anxious to see one another, the BITUG committee has already begun reaching out to the NonStop vendor community soliciting their financial support for both BITUG events.

Our plans this year will be to have a face-to-face BIG SIG (1-day event) held sometime in June (date to be confirmed) probably at Trinity House in London as per previous years. This will be a fully Vendor-supported event … We’ve all missed the face to face networking and catch up with the NonStop Community as I am sure you have.

In December we will hold a face to face ½ day Little SIG – also probably located in London. The Little SIG is primarily to allow our UK-based Membership to perhaps catch up on the latest goings on that they have missed by not attending TBC in November.

Perhaps better still and further reinforcement that yes, we can do that even when it’s all about events comes the news that there are plans for face-to-face full 3-day European Event mid-year in 2023. We anticipate this event to at least be equal to that we hosted in Edinburgh in 2019 – though we know we have a lot to live up to!”


Perhaps the photo above taken the last time we all convened in Edinburgh will be encouragement enough for you to begin planning to make this a memorable event. As for TCM all we can add at this time is that we sure do hope you are as excited about this opportunity as we are excited to see you there.