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TCM – we are looking forward to the annual NonStop TBC 2023 Conference



What will shortly be a heavy trafficked path as it leads down to the Hilton Denver City Center Conference floors where all the action of the NonStop TBC 2023 Conference will take place

As we turned over the pages of the calendar only to realize it is now August, it finally hit home that the biggest NonStop event of the year is about to take place. In a break from newly formed tradition, this event will not be held in Northern California, but in Denver, Colorado. The NonStop TBC 2023 Conference will take place in the Hilton Denver City Center Conference and at a time where the Colorful Colorado will likely be on full display. First timers will likely catch a glimpse of the Aspens taking on their famous golden hue atop the front ranges.

However, it’s not the scenic beauty of Colorado that will draw a crowd, although that possibility remains hard to dismiss, but rather the opportunity to meet and greet attendees of the largest event of the year for the NonStop community. It has been a pleasure for TCM to support these events through the years and this year we will again be sponsoring TBC as a Platinum Partner.  Look for members of the TCM team as you will come across Collin Yates, Shiva Subramanian, Ian Horrocks and Andy Vasey. It is an exciting time for TCM as we have a lot of news to cover and we are pleased to be able to say that TCM will be among the select partners providing updates within the NonStop Technical Breakout Sessions.

Shiva Subramanian will be leading off with his 50-minute presentation; NonStop, Evolution Through Modernization. Consider this as coming from a commercial perspective in that it addresses the challenges many of our clients face as they look to plot a cost-effective path from traditional programming models to more modern approaches to development and maintenance of operational applications. A slightly different branding of this session might be better framed under the revised heading of –

Unveiling the Path to NonStop Application Modernization: Exploring Real-World Strategies and Practical Insights for Bridging the Gap Between Legacy Systems and Modern Practices

 It is a well-known and often repeated aphorism that ‘Any application is legacy the day it goes to production’ may well describe legacy or traditional programming but what is meant today by modern? This was the central theme of a number of recent posts to the HPE Community blog by Vikas Kapoor, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, HPC, AI & Labs who went as far as to compare today’s IT desire for modernization with TV programs on modern trends in home renovations:  

Infrastructure, middleware, and the foundations of any application have become the focus of many vendors’ investments in the pursuit of improved productivity. HPE’s decision to innovate all aspects of NonStop to ensure its modernity and indeed its acceptance in the face of any latent or former perceptions is a testament to HPE’s appreciation of the vital role NonStop systems play in many enterprises. 

However, this is a continuous journey with new ideas being transcribed into products almost daily. Recognizing a home as being modern may be the substance of television program today but in the real world of IT, it has become even easier to recognize just how modern NonStop has become. To put an even simpler spin on this, there are now no impediments remaining that would prevent any enterprise from deploying its next mission critical application on NonStop. 

Join Shiva for his presentation and come with us on a journey as he delves into the intricacies of strategizing the future of your NonStop application, laying bare the complicated buzz words that would otherwise put you off upgrading your tech stack. Let him show you how many different paths you can take on your transformative journey using real-world examples and practical insights. Here at TCM we developed different approaches that are meticulously tailored to address specific aspects of the application, effectively bridging the gap between legacy systems and modern practices. Just as with modernizing homes, there are many adherents of IT modernization and this is no time to ignore just how modern NonStop systems of today have become.

Andy Vasey will be providing a 25-minute session as well and he will be highlighting a recent product announcement from TCM. In the announcement of last year concerning the product InSight the presentations that followed were an introductory overview. The creation of InSight as a product came about as TCM had been using it as a tool for some time and our clients, observing the information we were able to obtain, asked about running the tool for themselves. These conversations were the reason why we developed InSight as its goal has always been to assist NonStop customers in better understanding of the working of their NonStop systems.

Today we have run InSight at multiple client sites and the focus of this presentation will be less an overview and more a deep dive into the reports InSight provides our clients using real world examples where Insight has led directly to an understanding that in turn has led to further optimization of the NonStop systems. Watch the Connect web site supporting the upcoming NonStop TBC 2023 Conference for further information about this presentation.

A cursory glance at the schedule as it appears on the web site suggests that the scope of topics being covered this year has taken on a sense of urgency. The number of references made to the topic resilience, cloud services, including virtualization and ransomware, suggests that the NonStop community continues to look for new ways to integrate their NonStop with the rest of the enterprise.

At TCM we are encountering numerous instances where this integration has opened the door to discussions on hybrid computing. Perhaps NonStop applications will move fully to the cloud just as NonStop systems become truly software offerings but wherever our clients’ paths take them, the investments we are making today will provide TCM with the knowledge of the baby steps such journeys call for – NonStop is on the move and TCM is providing leadership.

Modernization? Meaningful insights? When the NonStop TBC 2023 Conference commences do make it a priority to come and see us. There are bound to be many more conversations to be had that center on NonStop and TCM will be only too happy to join you on your journey wherever your path might take you.