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Tech Wizards Unite! NuWave’s LightWaveTM and S3UtilsTM Casting Spells on the Industry

Dave Belliveau CTO, NuWave Technologies



NuWave Technologies celebrates yet another glorious year at the forefront of NonStop technological innovation. We have introduced significant updates to the LightWave ecosystem and launched a new product, S3UtilsTM, showcasing our commitment to staying ahead in technological evolution.

Part I: LightWave’s Leap Forward

SOAPam Client Compatibility Mode

NuWave addressed the challenge posed by SOAPam’s end of service life by introducing SOAPam Client Compatibility in LightWave. This feature enables a smooth transition for existing SOAPam Client users to modern REST/JSON frameworks without modifying application code.

The migration process involves:

The client compatibility feature is now generally available, with SOAPam Server compatibility for LightWave ServerTM gearing up for early adopter testing.

Part II: Unveiling S3UtilsTM

S3UtilsTM is designed to facilitate the transfer of objects between any S3-compatible object storage service and the HPE NonStop Server Guardian file system. Addressing the challenge of integrating S3 storage with the NonStop platform, S3UtilsTM offers two components:

2.2.1 The S3COM Utility: A command-line interface compatible with Guardian COM program model, providing interactive access to S3 storage and supporting various operations.

2.2.2 The S3SERV Process: Deployed as a standalone or TS/MP server class, it integrates with S3 storage services, enabling NonStop applications to interact with S3 storage during online transaction processing.

Core Benefits and Availability:

S3UtilsTM modernizes programmatic access to enterprise applications, ensures faster response to business demands, and facilitates secure transactions with partners using AWS.

General Availability for S3UtilsTM is expected at the end of Q4 2023.

Charting the Path Forward with NuWave:

NuWave Technologies emphasizes its commitment to innovation, as seen in the advancements of LightWave and S3UtilsTM. Our philosophy revolves around preserving the past while embracing the future, evident in the SOAPam compatibility mode. Looking ahead, At NuWave, we are committed to collaborating with our customers, fostering a partnership that drives innovation and shapes a technologically advanced future together.

As NuWave Technologies marks another milestone with passion, dedication, and a commitment to excellence, we invite customers to join us on this journey towards an exciting and limitless technological future.

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Author Bio: Dave Belliveau is the CTO of NuWave Technologies and has spent more than 30 years developing middleware for HPE NonStop servers. Before joining NuWave, Dave was the architect and developer of Remote Server Call, the original NonStop client/server middleware. That experience, combined with his work on NuWave’s next-generation SOAP and REST middleware products, makes Dave one of the leading experts on NonStop modernization and cloud integration.