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Technical Boot Camp 2019 – it’s a wrap!



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According to the organizers of the NonStop Technical Bootcamp (TBC), the biggest and most important NonStop community gathering in the annual calendar, there were more than 400 delegates descending on Burlingame, CA, of which over 100 were first-timers. In itself this is great news and demonstrates two really valuable facts:

  1. The continued eagerness of the community to meet with fellow NonStop users and HPE Senior Executives and …
  2. Against all the odds – there is a ‘younger’ generation of NonStop experts keen to drive the future of NonStop.

The venue is tried and tested since 2017 and again catered really well for this year’s TBC. We’ll be back next year Nov 16-18, 2020.

A big Thank You and Well Done to Kristi, Kelly and Stacie from Connect for organizing this event so capably.

The announcements made by HPE this year, if any, did not meet the expectations before the event. It seems that HPE NonStop and the customer base are both taking stock of where NonStop is today as well as where it is heading. It’s more small incremental steps rather than the next big bang.

Migration of customers to NonStop X is gaining traction while virtualized NonStop is in its infancy in terms of market penetration and real-life use cases. In discussion with one manager of a leading bank, it transpired quite quickly that virtualized NonStop is not really an option for running their mission-critical applications in the bank’s production environment. For the time being, they prefer NonStop X systems, which they can still “touch and feel”. Given this opinion by a senior manager at this particular bank, the concept of ‘Everything as a Service’ (XaaS) seems a long way off. While it may soon become a reality in technology terms, it remains to be seen if and when it will take off in the payments industry, for example.

One key message throughout the TBC was how NonStop systems produce a lot of mission-critical data, which at the end of the day needs to be protected properly. In recent years, it became apparent that the best and most elegant way to protect sensitive data is to tokenize such data. Tokenization replaces the sensitive data, such as PANs with a token, which has no value to any criminal attempting to hack a system (even if they succeed).

The demand for tokenization is growing, and conversations with NonStop users at TBC have confirmed this trend. comforte remains very committed to NonStop and continues to deliver market-leading security, connectivity and digital enablement solutions.

In a world where Hybrid IT is the ‘new normal’, it should be no surprise that comforte’s tokenization solution is available in the cloud and on-premise, on both NonStop and numerous Enterprise platforms.

All in all, HPE NonStop is moving in the right direction and the NonStop user community is buzzing with renewed confidence in the platform. It’s all about future options that NonStop can provide to put its users in the best possible position to expand and grow their business by making the most of the NonStop fundamentals.

Even the development of new applications and functionality can now be done using a modern development environment without any particular knowledge of NonStop fundamentals. It’s when the code is deployed on NonStop that it magically inherits the fault-tolerance, scalability, security and data integrity that are fundamental to NonStop.

comforte is looking forward to a fantastic year for NonStop and to the next NonStop Technical Bootcamp in 2020.

Last but not least, if tokenization sparks your interest, then read up on core concepts and architecture of Enterprise Tokenization in our Solution Brief.

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