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The APAC Roadshow has begun!

Shanice Abigail NonStop Technology Architect Data Solutions (APAC)



It’s April 2023 which means the first of the APAC Roadshows has wrapped up its comeback since the pandemic.

Jakarta, the jam-packed capital of Indonesia, welcomed the NonStop Roadshow team in a joint event with the HPE Data Solutions Tech Summit for customers and partners in a 2 day event in Pullman Hotel Thamrin, Jakarta.

Because of the huge push from HPE Indonesia’s team, the event saw over 30 customer attendees and almost 100 partner attendees across the Data Solutions portfolio (though we know our NonStop customers were most enthusiastic about meeting key partners who tediously flew in from the US)

Special thanks to our partners who worked together with us on this event – Idelji, XYPRO and Gravic. Their commitment and support made this new season of the APAC Roadshow a huge success.

Our joint event with the Superdome team was a commitment to show the Data Solutions team efforts in showcasing the industry’s best products and solutions.  

Up next, we’ll be headed up away from the equator towards Thailand, Taiwan and Korea, sometime mid-June. Till another update with the NonStop Insider!