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The human could always play a hunch …

By Justin Simonds, Master Technologist at Hewlett Packard Enterprise





An interesting restructuring within HPE has NonStop under the High Performance Computing umbrella.  This business unit was known for the Apollo HPC systems and I have been very interested in attaching Apollo to NonStop using the NSADI interface for a fast, quick and massive exchange of data.  Our frontend real-time transactional systems could support models created on the Apollo systems for such things as fraud.  NonStop could provide a continuous feed to the Apollo’s for continuous learning and model creation.  This became even more interesting with the acquisition of Cray Super Computers.  They have a number of government contract systems and a fabric that is faster than InfiniBand.

Could there be a merger of technologies?  NonStop is a Hybrid Transactional Analytical Processing system (HTAP) with some history of real-time, mixed workload, zero-latency capabilities which could feed the Cray systems for AI ingestion and model creation a HTAPAI (HTAP with Artificial Intelligence) a composite system combining application processing and an operational data store with a modern machine learning AI backend.  I’m calling this concept the Artificial Intelligence Driven Enterprise or AIDE.

Imagine the old Data Mart structure within corporate business units – data mart for finance, HR, supply chain etc. with an “AIDE station” instead of a data mart.  Data is still funneled in, cleaned, organized by the top layer but sent to the bottom layer for machine learning.  In the data mart days, information was analyzed and the senior director would look at trends and KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) to determine how to react to current business situations.  With this approach there would be a ‘digital twin’ exec that would create a strategy which might or might not be adopted by the real senior director.  The human could always play a hunch.  Would an executive director take advantage of this coaching?

Well as you all may know Chess Master Gary Kasporov lost to IBM Deep Blue back in 1997 but that was just the beginning of the story.  Gary created a new chess league called Centaur which is man plus machine.  The chess master has access to a chess machine that will recommend moves.  The chess master may or may not follow the machine recommendation.  The interesting result is that Centaur players (man + machine) win more often against just machines.  So I’m imagining a digital exec would be interested in being given recommendations based on current and past information which they can accept or modify.

I’m still playing with the idea but should have some further thoughts and designs by the time of Bootcamp or more accurately, the NonStop All Digital Experience –  since I will have a talk on this topic.

But hey, no pressure 🙂