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The importance of PCI and how to achieve PCI DSS Compliance on HPE NonStop



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The PCI SSC (Security Standards Council) event season starts this month, and like many other organizations, the PCI SSC had to succumb to the realities of the new Covid-19 world and go down the route of virtual events. The very first of these online community meetings is the 2020 Latin America Forum, which takes place on August 13. comforte is a Gold Sponsor and also supports the Industry Keynote’ A Case Study of the Capital One Data Breach‘.

The Capital One data breach is one example of how, over the past few years, criminals have created an entire industry around the theft of credit card information. They are well organized, very sophisticated, and highly effective, to the extent that now there are groups focused on specific aspects, such as the theft, sale, or use of credit card information. The growing market for stolen credit card numbers has put the industry on red alert, and the PCI DSS standard is an effort to put an end to crimes involving credit cards. While the PCI DSS standard may seem challenging to implement, it does represent best practices in computer security and as such is a beneficial guideline in improving the security of payment data.

The HPE NonStop platform has always been and still is a rather secure platform by nature and is not plagued by issues that affect other platforms, such as viruses or malware. Putting effort into those areas of PCI DSS that do pertain to HPE NonStop environments can help ensure that HPE NonStop systems not only pass PCI audits but achieve the highest possible level of security.

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