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Command line? Why? Transform with TOP

Transform with TOP – boost productivity, reduce errors, and help optimize resources



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It’s hardly breaking news: Graphical interfaces have been utilized for many years to improve end-user interaction. Yet walk around some HPE NonStop operations or development areas, and you will find those green screen terminal sessions still abound.

Command line interfaces are appropriate tools in some circumstances. It makes sense to use the command line when a task should be scripted, and, of course, using the command line is unavoidable if the functionality you need is not available in your choice of interface tool.

But the benefits of using a modern point-and-click graphical user interface (GUI) for access to HPE NonStop (sub-)systems are far-reaching.

One good way to escape the command line challenges is by implementing The Operations Pack (TOP) toolset from comforte AG. TOP provides a front-end to HPE NonStop servers, replacing complex command line interaction with the point-and-click techniques that every Windows user knows by heart.

Significant benefits can be realized by reducing command line use. While these benefits will vary depending on the site’s NonStop user profile, they will generally include improved productivity, fewer mistakes, a shorter learning curve, and greater job satisfaction.

For operators, developers, security administrators, and system managers in the NonStop environment, these are all compelling reasons to look at modernizing from the command line to a GUI.

To get a better idea, what happens when a new staff member (aka New School) meets a seasoned NonStop operator or administrator (aka the Tandem guy) for the first time, please watch this short, animated video.

Watch TOP video

To find out even more about how TOP can improve the working and productivity culture of your NonStop firm, please check out the TOP fact sheet.

TOP fact sheet

Last but not least …

Save the date!

Comforte and its partner TIC Software will host a Webinar on ‘Transformation with TOP’ on

May 29, 2021

We will discuss some use cases and have TOP users participate in the webinar.

Stay tuned for more information.