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The NonStop systems are modern – what about your application?

The decision to do nothing, since the application isn’t broken, may be a detrimental decision for your organization.



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As many readers of NS Insider will surely agree, HPE NonStop systems are the best hardware/operating systems on the planet when it comes to mission critical computing!  Does that automatically mean that the applications running on the HPE NonStop systems are also the best performing and full-featured applications as well? Maybe not…  It is true that most applications on HPE NonStop systems take advantage of the reliability, availability, and redundancy of the HPE NonStop system architecture, but can the applications easily meet rapidly changing business requirements, customer demands, and data access requirements? In IT terms, this means Cloud, Big Data, Web Server, etc.

Well, “if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it” right?  Most applications running on HPE NonStop systems are not necessarily brokenper se, many just have limitations.  Many applications were designed several years ago (some decades ago), therefore interfacing with today’s web services, cloud-based applications, and other modern infrastructure may not be a routine ‘cut-and-dry’ task.  The ‘cut’ part may be immensely difficult, if it refers to cutting source code or reprogramming an application designed long ago.

The decision to do nothing, since the application isn’t broken, may be a detrimental decision for your organization.  If you need some convincing of this, watch this video which explains the value you can receive should you choose to modernize your applications running on NonStop systems.

Take me to the Use Cases

If you areconvinced that your application may need to be modernized, but you’re unsure how difficult the task will be, we have another video to recommend. You will see how to create a REST service for an HPE NonStop application in 15 minutes using the comforte CSL REST Solution. The key takeaway is that you will not need to make source code changes to your application.  The video is fairly technical so feel free to share this link with your NonStop Administrator.

Watch the Demo Here

One of our key focus areas at comforte is modernizing applications on NonStop systems. We have many customer examples and can talk with you and your team about challenges in your organization.  Look us up at learn how to grow your business opportunities and add value with our solutions.