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The power of the Prognosis Platform



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IR Oct 21 - 1

This year’s virtual NonStop Technical Boot Camp (NonStop TBC 21) gave us another opportunity to provide an update on Prognosis to the NonStop community. For many decades, now dating back to the late 1980s, Prognosis has played an important role in meeting the monitoring needs of some of the biggest NonStop customers and today, is considered the leader within the Nonstop community. For this latest event Jim Bowers, IR Payments and Infrastructure Senior Solution Engineer, provided an update on changes to Prognosis that position our solution to better serve the enterprise.

What has changed? What is dominating conversations, press coverage and the analysis coming from industry research groups? Cloud service and the cloud experience have become the topic most often discussed among IT professionals and as the cloud took hold, “IR product marketing recognized that Prognosis needed to evolve even further,” said Bowers. “And yet, with over thirty years of experience gained in marketing our solutions as ‘Prognosis’ it would be silly and unnatural if we diminished or even abandoned the thirty years of brand equity we’ve established.”  Given this, the NonStop TBC 21 was the perfect forum to introduce to the NonStop community a new term – the Prognosis Platform.

“The Prognosis Platform really does 2 things that simplifies our message,” said Bowers. “It addresses the depth of our deployment options that our customers require today as well as into the future.  And it provides the foundation for us at IR to market stronger solution definitions within the verticals we serve.” It was only a short time ago that we rebranded our products in recognition of the markets that they served – infrastructure monitoring, unified communication monitoring, and payment application monitoring.

“In 2020, IR announced three marketing solution brands: Infrastructure, Collaborate, and Transact,” said Bowers. “The Infrastructure solution set includes all of the Prognosis NonStop and open platform monitoring capability that you know today, and the only change you’re likely to see on our website or within our online documentation is that NonStop and other system operations capabilities are categorized under Infrastructure. Transact is the solution umbrella that contains all of the payment financial industry solutions that IR has created over the years: credit and debit card monitoring solutions, wire and high value monitoring solutions, account2account, internet banking, immediate/faster payment and even fraud management solutions.”

These announcements helped to set the stage for what we are introducing at this time, the Prognosis Platform. For the NonStop community Prognosis Platform is further tangible evidence of the depth of options that have been delivered to date even as we are providing greater clarity as to how best to leverage the hybrid world of traditional and cloud based solutions. In case you missed reading about Prognosis and cloud computing, “Following press releases that came out in 2020,” said Bowes, “I’m pleased to report that there are already production customers on our Prognosis Cloud.”

IR Oct 21 - 2

The Prognosis Platform also provides the common foundation upon which IR provides infrastructure, payment application, and unified communication monitoring solutions. With the introduction of the Prognosis Platform, there came 3 additional new terms for components within the Prognosis Platform:

Prognosis Edge is the next generation data collection and management technology that enables rapid remote deployment, configuration, and management of new intelligent software agents that collect, filter, mask, transform, and transmit the collected data to the Prognosis Server and Prognosis Cloud in real-time.

The Prognosis Server remains the core component of the Prognosis platform as it’s been for the past 30 years.  It is the central real-time data processing and analytics engine for our Transact and Infrastructure solutions.  What everyone calls Prognosis today will eventually be referred to more and more as the Prognosis Server to distinguish our on-platform server monitoring solutions from our SaaS solutions.

The Prognosis Cloud is a relatively new extension of the Prognosis platform, leveraging the power and scale of the cloud to deliver greater innovation, faster deployment, and powerful insights; with continuous enhancement delivery, the Prognosis Cloud is home to our IR SaaS offerings. As noted earlier we already have production customers on the Prognosis Cloud.

Prognosis Server is installed directly on each HPE NonStop Server Node.  A powerful feature of Prognosis is not only to collect information for real-time dashboards and alerts, but also to record the statistics and information it gathers to be used for AI learning, trouble shooting, and reports.  As a self-contained solution, Prognosis reduces integration and operational monitoring costs by providing a complete offering.  “As I alluded to earlier, more and more companies are deploying solutions in the cloud,” said Bowers.  Even as there are myriads of reasons for doing so, we find that more and more customers are standing up Prognosis Server in their public and private clouds to provide that circle of visibility around the NonStop, regardless of who owns the data center or hardware servers.”

The opportunities to provide updates to the NonStop community that come with NonStop TBC events even when they are held as virtual events have always been welcomes by IR. The presentation covered much more than what is contained in this article even as there is more information that can be obtained from visiting our web site. What remains clear however is that when it comes to monitoring your solutions on NonStop in part or in whole, Prognosis continues to be the go-to, premier monitoring product for all NonStop users.

 Should you have any questions or would like to learn more about the Prognosis Platform please don’t hesitate to reach out to your IR sales team. We look forward to addressing any aspect of the Prognosis Platform that may be of interest to you and your enterprise.

Kevin Johnson,
VP Sales – Payments Performance Monitoring