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The Prognosis for TBC



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It’s November, and it’s the eve of the HPE NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC). Tickets and hotels are booked, presentations are being finalized, and the excitement is building. Financial institutions are also finalizing their last changes for the peak season, before they go into the freeze period.

At IR, we’re celebrating the release of a new version of Prognosis. Prognosis 11.5 was released in mid-October and contains a set of features that represent the evolving needs of our customer base.

Improved security has been a theme over the last few releases and this has continued in the latest release. For Prognosis, this means smoother integration into locked down OS environments, typical in PCI-DSS compliant organizations. A big part of this is reducing the permissions required, which can often be a challenge for applications like ours where access to all relevant transaction, application and OS data requires higher permissions than most. And providing better guidance around how to deploy our application in these environments.

Doing more with the broad set of payments and operational data that we have, has been another theme. Particularly, the Dynamic Thresholds feature leverages historical data for additional insight into what is happening in the environment right now. You can tell if that high decline rate you’re seeing at around 3:30 in the afternoon is something that requires action or is just the normal batch that comes at this time every weekday from your biggest merchant. If it is something that needs action, you’ll also need the right data available to determine the root cause of the issue and the impact on affected customers.

But back to TBC.

We, like many others, are excited about what might be announced by HPE this year. We have been spoiled in previous years, with announcement after announcement, but surely this run can’t continue. Scanning the agenda, I see virtualization, blockchain, cloud, but this is the norm for a NonStop show nowadays. There are no clues there.

Obviously, the various keynote presentations will be highlights, and is where any big announcements are likely to come.

We also know that Mark Newsom will be presenting on the design of some of ACI’s latest enhancements on Tuesday afternoon (Questioning, Challenging and Breaking NonStop Dogma). It promises to be enlightening for those interested in NonStop software design and real-time monitoring (and who isn’t). If it wasn’t scheduled at the same time as IR’s take on Operational Analytics in Action to be presented by Wong Rustandi (think high decline rates at 3:30), it may be my pick of the agenda.

If you are interested in knowing more about the latest Prognosis release, or the value that real-time insights into your application environment can bring, or just want to chat about the latest HPE announcement (whatever it might turn out to be) drop by the IR booth (Booth 28), and your friendly Prognosis gurus would be happy to help.

Jamie Pearson
Product Manager