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The rapidly evolving world of payments – just make it painless




The greatest evolution in payments is taking place at the consumer level.  I recently enjoyed a meal at a London-based Thai Restaurant where a £5 discount enticed me to download the restaurant’s own-label payment app. Well I thought this will be worth it just for the £5.  What I didn’t foresee was the built-in receipt delivery straight to my phone, followed by an option to pay directly with ApplePay.

Just think of all the benefits enjoyed here. No waiting for the bill to be delivered to my table, no to-ing and fro-ing while the waiter seeks out the wandering mobile payment POS device. No discussion over the tip – that was already in there and taken care of.  That’s at least 5 minutes saved, so the restaurant gets to turn the table over quicker to the next hungry mouth. And we got to our concert on time.

Not only is this one less reason to open up the wallet to choose a payment card, it streamlines the whole payment process, and brings the online payment process to bricks and mortar business. Are the card schemes and their cards disappearing? Not really. We still need them as a payment token, and the merchants still need to know their customers are good for the payment, so the Fraud element is still a very key part of the payment process.

Restaurants believe they are driving up their revenues by an astonishing 20% by the introduction of this streamlined payment technology.  Waiters are focused on the food delivery, and better still for the consumer, there is no card skimming taking place, because as a consumer I never had to present my card.

Is this a card-not-present transaction then?  What then is card-present versus Card-not-present? We start to see this definition becoming more blurred.

Which is where OmniPayments comes in! We’ve been helping organizations small and large alike to process their card payment transactions, whether it’s a physical card, a virtual card stored in a phone, whether it’s a purchase coming from an in-app game, to us it’s a payment that needs authorizing, checking for fraud, routing to an broader network for external authorization, all in a fraction of a second, so that you, dear reader, can get on with the rest of your life. In a frictionless sort of way!  Clients from North to South America, across Europe, and spanning Asia-Pacific all depend on the Omni Group of companies to keep their payments flowing.

Craig Lawrence | VP Business Development | tel +44 7894 472124