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The Year Ahead for NonStop from HPE APAC

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The APAC team has gotten down into planning and are set for the events that are up and coming here in the region. Rumours of recession, ever evolving economic and social outlooks do peek over our desks and workspaces every now and then, but time waits for no one.

In 2023, our focus as a team will come in exploring NonStop as a Database Server. Don’t get me wrong, we’re not shifting away from our bread and butter in the Payments Industry. Instead, we’re exploring new flavours and daringly experimenting with NonStop’s utility, working creatively with partners in these new spaces.

Scalability, reliability, and fault-tolerance.

The NonStop fundamentals are not changing, but the ways we approach partners and accounts are slowly evolving. Why not let customers have a peace of mind with the location they put their data in, knowing that the data can reliably scale, with over 40 years of adaptations under our belt.

To get this going, our team headed over to the land of smiles, Thailand, for a jam-packed 2 day bootcamp. Our sales leads and presales from all over the region headed over to Bangkok, where we spent the days getting to know each other, and to learn more about the other products in our Data Solutions portfolio, and how we can put solutions together.

In 2023, APAC will be focusing on exploring NonStop as a Database Server and will focus on reaching out to more partners in the standard x86 and database space and supporting partners’ POCs and bringing enablement sessions to the table.

As we look back to the recent bootcamp, we realised that most of us have been working remotely and capably. Time spent as a community and as a team in the region is that much more precious for all of us, as we convene and reunite with some colleagues for the very first time since the pre-pandemic days.

And as usual, one of the best things about NonStop, has always been its supportive community.

Shanice Abigail
NonStop Technology Architect
Data Solutions (APAC)