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Three blog posts by Striim – integrating data created on NonStop with the rest of IT!




If the picture you have of the role Striim plays within the enterprise today and your ideas about how Striim might best be leveraged in this changing world of Hybrid IT, are perhaps a little dated then these recent posts to the Striim blog might help. Whether your focus is on Google and its cloud or on Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Service or perhaps on Cloudera’s Enterprise Data Cloud, there are powerful tools available through Striim today. They leverage Change Data Capture (CDC) and facilitate the integration of NonStop platform with cloud computing offerings no matter the products chosen by your enterprise.

There are multiple target environments for which data generated in real time by transaction processing applications running on NonStop will be highly valued. One good example of a data consumer has been (and in some instances, still is) batch-oriented Extraction, Transformation, and Loading (ETL) applications. ETL has been traditionally relied upon to load data warehouses but in today’s all-connected, all-communicating, world of IT, batch is being complemented by a solution a lot more dynamic in nature. Striim has stepped up to play an important role in this new real time world where enterprises are demanding integration of data from everywhere including NonStop.

Three posts by Striim Senior Vice President, Marketing, Katherine Rincon to the Striim blog illustrate Striim exploiting CDC to better integrate with the enterprise cloud platforms proving popular:

Striim Announces Real-Time Data Migration to Google Cloud Spanner

April 2, 2019

The Striim team has been working closely with Google to deliver an enterprise-grade solution for online data migration to Google Cloud Spanner. We’re happy to announce that it is available in the Google Cloud Marketplace.

striim apr 19 -1

The real-time data pipelines enabled by Striim from both on-prem and cloud sources are scalable, reliable and high-performance. Cloud Spanner users can further leverage change data capture to replicate data in transactional databases to Cloud Spanner without impacting the source database, or interrupting operations.

Migration to Google Cloud Spanner requires a low-latency, low-risk solution to feed mission-critical applications. Striim offers an easy-to-use solution to move data in real time from Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and HPE NonStop to Cloud Spanner while ensuring zero downtime and zero data loss.

To read the full post, just follow this link –


Real-Time Database CDC to Cloudera

March 22, 2019

As Cloudera increasingly invests in its Enterprise Data Cloud, the ability to move data via change data capture or CDC to Cloudera has never been more important.

Traditional methods or batch ETL uploads fall short in today’s business timeframes. Latency renders operational and transactional data obsolete and unable to provide Cloudera solutions with the real-time data required for operational intelligence and reporting.

striim apr 19 -2

This enterprise-grade streaming data integration solution for Cloudera supports high-volume environments and allows users to move real-time data from a wide variety of sources without impacting source systems.

Striim currently offers low-impact, log-based CDC to Cloudera from the following data sources: Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, HPE NonStop SQL/MX, HPE NonStop SQL/MP, HPE NonStop Enscribe, MongoDB, and MariaDB. All of these databases can be accessed via Striim’s easy-to-use Wizards and drag-and-drop UI, speeding delivery of CDC to Cloudera solutions.

By moving only change data – continuously and with essential scalability – Cloudera users can rely on the Striim platform for the delivery of data.

To read the full post, just follow this link –


CDC to Snowflake

March 6, 2019

Snowflake – a fully columnar database with vectorized execution, making it capable of addressing even the most demanding analytic workloads – is changing expectations for speed and flexibility of a data warehouse. Snowflake provides a cloud-based data warehouse that enables organizations to store and analyze data using public cloud-based hardware and software on AWS and Microsoft Azure.

striim apr 19 -3

For the initial load of data to Snowflake, Striim enables zero-downtime, zero-data-loss migration from databases and data warehouses to Snowflake.

Striim offers low-impact, log-based CDC to Snowflake from the following data sources: Oracle Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, HPE NonStop SQL/MX, HPE NonStop SQL/MP, HPE NonStop Enscribe, and MariaDB.

To read the full post, just follow this link –

Get the picture? Striim fully supports HPE NonStop and that allows NonStop to play an integral role as part of any Hybrid IT deployment under construction. Clouds and cloud computing are a key deployment option of any digital core and as such will continue to attract the spotlight – make sure when discussions arise within your enterprise you become a participant and make sure too that the rest of your IT is fully aware of all the capabilities Striim now offers.

Should you like to discuss anything covered in these three blog posts make sure you reach out to the Striim team or contact Katherine Rincon directly!


Katherine Rincon | Senior Vice President, Marketing
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