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TIC Software; meeting with HPE, networking with vendors and addressing needs of users – it all happened this September

TIC Software


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tic oct 19 -1

There is little disguising the fact that this September has been busier than most and yet, the routine is familiar to TIC Software and it remains a drawcard for all members of the NonStop vendor community. For TIC Software, the back to back to back meetings from San Jose, CA, to Atlanta, GA, to Mississauga (Toronto), Canada, gave us valuable insight into HPE’s programs of the NonStop team and it gave us solid evidence that the valuable NonStop customers are driving the requirements programs very effectively. Would we have come as far as we have without HPE buying into the needs of these customers to continue modernizing NonStop?

tic oct 19 -2

The trifecta was kicked off with several days of presentations along with follow-up meetings at HPE’s new headquarters in San Jose. “Love the Hybrid IT theme,” wrote Phil Ly, TIC Software President. Over the years Phil became well known for his assessment of events wherever they might be held and this time, he didn’t hold back. With good news, that is. “It’s what we have been doing to help our clients better leverage with our tools and services the potential benefits that integration of NonStop and Cloud technologies delivers.”

tic oct 19 -3

On the other hand, noted Phil, “this event gave all participants lots of time to network with other partners and this was much appreciated.” Hybrid IT aside and virtualization awaiting more information, what did impress attendees was what is fast becoming the topic of the day; attracting the next generation of developers to NonStop. “Whenever the discussion arises about how to attract younger staff to work on NonStop,” said Phil, “it fits in well with TIC Software’s new ‘fast-track’ training paradigm and with the benefits provided from using GUI tools, like TOP when it comes to on-boarding new team members to any NonStop IT organization.” This is a topic too that we will be addressing at the upcoming NonStop Technical Boot Camp as it’s the same for services and products as it is for staffing – when it comes to modernization and the effects of migration, looking further ahead the future these IT organizations rest on future-proofing their mission critical applications and continuing to let these applications remain relevant even as every other technology around them may prove disruptive!

tic oct 19 -4

It was our first time in Atlanta but the day spent at ATUG helped firm up observations made at the Partner Symposium. It was good to hear Jeff Kyle, VP & GM Mission Critical Systems, step up and give his perspective on NonStop as he centers his programs on NonStop, SuperDome Flex and SAP-Hana. Yes, it’s all about data and yes, when it comes to NonStop, we create the data that all other groups within the enterprise want to get hold of – it’s fresh, it’s real time and most important of all, it gives the enterprise its earliest indication that trends may be developing.

“ATUG was also good in that we had ample opportunity to meet up with NonStop users from around the region,” added Phil. “It also provided a good forum for us to present how best to use REST and Geocoding to modernize NonStop applications – something we observed resonated well with the audience and that will also be featured at the upcoming TBC.” When it comes to future-proofing NonStop as we envisage this to be, then access and exploitation of modern protocols, formats, message types and utilities is perhaps the “best demonstration that NonStop is a relevant, modern platform capable of supporting all mission critical applications.”

tic oct 19 -5

Future-Proofing NonStop was also the theme of our presentation at CTUG in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Held once again in the offices of HPE – for which we are very thankful as it continues to be a good venue – when it came time for our technical session, we had a great turnout from among the NonStop customers present for the event. “Standing room only,” was how we saw it and the topic of Future-Proofing NonStop fitted well with the overall theme of this CTUG event – “NonStop in the 21st Century.” Even as it was a fun event for the NonStop community we were also engaged in a number of positive conversations with NonStop users who “wanted to learn more about how to integrate NonStop and Cloud computing via REST services.”

You cannot get a stronger indication that NonStop is being treated seriously as a modern platform than when asked questions on topics such as this. Future-proofing NonStop and taking it into the modern world of new interfaces and programming paradigm is very important to Ryan Ly, who is stepping up to continue the work Phil Ly has been doing so successfully. We see Ryan’s involvement a future-proofing of TIC Software and you will see more of Ryan and hear more from him on a topic of the new ways of modernizing NonStop, with virtualized NonStop now a reality.

But for right now, we are now heads down prepping for the upcoming NonStop TBC but if you missed catching any of our presentations in September or have additional questions or topics you would like to raise with us, feel free to contact us by phone or email as we would be only too happy to talk to you about anything you may have on your mind concerning future proofing NonStop.


About TIC Software:

TIC Software is a leading technology product development and consulting services company. TIC draws from a rich HPE NonStop heritage, while focusing simultaneously on modern creative solutions for its clients.

TIC Software along with its privileged partners work closely together to offer software and services designed for application modernization. Our comprehensive family of solutions is designed to address the challenges of keeping NonStop and other enterprise systems current with ever evolving and modernizing technology.

TIC adds values to its software products, or those of its partners, by providing a complete suite of services optimized for its clients’ needs, including POC, training, development and support.


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