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To the long-term NonStop Users in Connect

XID, Ltd.


XIDlogoitug-jun22-1From the last ITUG presentation given
to the NonStop community in 2008

About 14 years ago, when the HP/ITUG Liaison Office closed, the staff there reached out to me to see if there was interest in retaining materials from ITUG conferences past.  At the time Bill Highleyman and myself were the 2 former Board members most involved with the group’s history, so it made sense for me to say okay.

The 2 boxes full of Conference brochures, magazines, and knick-knacks have been in my company’s offices (XID Software) for 12 years now.  And nothing has been done with them.  Plus, like many of your companies, we are consolidating space and there isn’t really room to keep them. So, I reached out to two of the remaining ITUG Board members (Richard Buckle and Margo Holen) to ask their opinions. They felt like we should reach out to the NonStop Insider readers for ideas.

itug-jun22-2From the last ITUG presentation given
to the NonStop community in 2008

In the years that followed, the mission for Connect as it was for ITUG in its day hasn’t changed. But it is a reminder of the organization’s consistency that the goal to serve resonates as well today with the NonStop community as it did in former times. If you think it’s worth keeping things like this around, and have an idea where they can be kept, please reach out to me, Richard or Margo.

If there’s interest, we can figure out the logistics necessary.  It’s also possible that I’m mistaken in the belief that the history of ITUG is worth saving, but I do hope I’m wrong.

Bill Honaker
ITUG President, 1996.