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Top 3 Reasons why more and more companies have turned to Lusis to replace their legacy payment systems.

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Over the past several years, Lusis and our TANGO platform have become the industry leader in replacing legacy applications like Base24, Postilion, and in-house developed solutions that are quickly becoming obsolete. Companies continuously choose Lusis Payments Tango for three simple reasons.

  1. Technology – Organizations have demanded a modern, open architecture with superior availability, scalability and data integrity as they look to the future. TANGO fulfills those demands. TANGO is built on a highly performing micro-service architecture designed to implement a transactional, mission critical, Service Oriented Architecture that is hardware and database agnostic. As a technology company, Lusis focuses on R&D, innovation, performance, & time to market. Lusis has also made significant advancements in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, FX Trading, ISO 20022, Fraud and Blockchain.
  2. Delivery – Lusis utilizes SCRUM for our developments and for customer delivery. Our CBSD approach leads to reduced development and maintenance costs which provides faster time-to-market and an ongoing, cost-effective payments solution. Lusis has support centers in Europe and North America that provides 24×7 support.
  3. Ease of Transition – With a versatile common architecture, TANGO removes issues regarding integration associated with disparate legacy systems and can be deployed on one hardware platform, or multiple hardware platforms, from the same or different hardware vendors all running the same TANGO infrastructure and code base. TANGO’s unique design removes complexities and reduces migration time frames. Off-the-shelf functionality and rapid development capability means that standard card types, international card schemes and devices, national switches, and hosts can be deployed easily, within the standard product. Our proven migration scheme guarantees smooth operations with gradual on-boarding to the upgraded system.

TANGO is being utilized within every possible combination of mission critical and high performance environments. We minimize your conversion risk with our vast experience. If it’s time to modernize your payments processing ecosystem, let us show you the power of TANGO.

Contact me at to learn your options for migration and why more organizations have chosen