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Tributary Systems, Bootcamp, and Generations

By Glenn Garrahan, Director HPE Business

Tributary Systems


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Tributary Systems, along with many other HPE NonStop employees and Partners, will be gathering in the San Francisco Bay Area this month for the 2018 NonStop Bootcamp. In fact, as I write this, the festivities are a little over a week away. It’s a time of year we all look forward to, renewing relationships with old friends, and meeting new folks who are committed to the continuation of the NonStop Platform.

Now, when I was reviewing the information and schedule for the 2018 Bootcamp, I noticed an event called the “Under 40 Pub Crawl”. Hmmm….under 40 you say? So I got to thinking, if a person was born the day the first Tandem/16 system was shipped to Citibank, 43 years ago, they wouldn’t be eligible for the Pub Crawl at all! Clearly the NonStop Platform has had a lifespan far longer than a lot of 1976 technology, but it also made me realize that we’re not passing the “torch”  to the next generation (to paraphrase John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Speech), the next generation of NonStop Professionals is already carrying the “torch”.

So what does this mean for an event like the Bootcamp? Well I’d encourage the younger or even first time attendees to take some time to visit as many of the Partners as they can. There’s a wealth of collective NonStop knowledge and information available, most of these Partners have been part of the NonStop “Ecosphere” for years. I’ve found that these Partners are more than willing to share their experiences with anyone that asks, so ask!

In the case of Tributary Systems, we’ve been supplying HPE NonStop with Backup/Restore Solutions for over two decades, and today we are the exclusive OEM supplier of all Tape products and Library Management software. And trust me; you don’t work with NonStop Backup/Restore for over 20 years without accumulating a lot of experience, experience we’d be glad to share with the next generation of NonStop Professionals.

I’d like to encourage all Bootcamp participants to take a couple of minutes and read what CIO Review Magazine has to say about Tributary Systems, and our Flagship Storage Director product:

Storage Director is the simplest and best way to connect any NonStop server to the Cloud for secure and high-performance Backup/ Restore operations at the lowest cost.

So from all of us at Tributary Systems, have a great and informative Bootcamp experience, and please stop by the Tributary Booth, say hello, and lets chat about Backup!

As always, if you’d like additional information on Storage Director, visit, or call Matt Allen at 817-786-3066 (office) or 713-492-7434 (cell).

Storage Director allows NonStop professionals to “augment what they have and use it in creative new ways!”