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Tributary Systems Inc: NonStop Technical Boot Camp 2016

We continue to watch as participation in major NonStop events climbs and 2016 Boot Camp proved to be no exception; well done HPE!

Tributary Systems, Inc



Like many of our fellow vendors regularly supporting NonStop events as they happen worldwide, Tributary Systems, Inc. (TSI) has watched with growing interest the steady upward climb in attendee participation at each NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC) where we have participated. This year, TBC 2016 proved to be a particularly good year for us and we would like to extend our thanks to everyone for attending the event and particularly for those who stopped by the TSI booth. We were impressed by the level of commitment customers have for the NonStop platform, and we are so pleased with the continued product innovations provided by HPE as NonStop enters 2017.

TSI has a state-of-the-art and transformational Virtual Tape Library (VTL) and software defined data backup, replication and DR solutions called Storage Director, Antares, Eclipse and Ignite. These are cost effective solutions that back up and protect your data and help you pass all security and compliance audit related to data backup and protection. What TSI understands all too well that today, not all data is the same. As we continue to explain, data derives its importance – its criticality to the business and its priority for access following an interruption event – from the business process it supports. That’s why intelligent data management planning must be preceded by the due diligence of business process analysis. Determination of which business processes are mission critical and which are merely important is mandatory. With so many presentations by HPE bringing attention to Hybrid Infrastructure, it’s very important that data management is not only intelligent but capable of accommodating a proliferation of systems and platforms.
Virtualized Data Backup, Replication and DR; On-Premise and in the Cloud


The Storage Director® 5.0 product from TSI is a software defined policy-based data management solution that connects “any host to any storage technology.” Storage Director applies appropriate protective, management and archival services to data, while simultaneously converging the backup infrastructure. Enterprises with multiple host platforms – HPE NonStop NB, NS and now NonStop X servers all running real with virtual NonStop (vNonStop) waiting in the wings, along with HPE Open VMS, Windows, VMware (running HPE Data Protector), IBM zOS mainframes, IBM AS/400s iOS (now IBM PowerSystems), among others – Storage Director enables sharing storage technologies otherwise dedicated to each host platform. Such storage technologies can include existing enterprise storage disk, HPE StoreOnce, EMC Data Domain, and Quantum DXI data de-duplication devices, physical tape, Amazon S3 and Openstack compatible Cloud, or any combination of storage technologies dictated by individual data management needs. All of which is to say that no matter which NonStop system you may select in support of your mission critical application, with Storage Director® 5.0 TSI can provide a solution that meets all of your data backup needs.

We also want to congratulate HPE NonStop on an outstanding fourth quarter this year, and look forward to future successes with the NonStop X product line and of course the vNonStop. As we suspect is the case among other NonStop vendors, we have been surprised by just how quickly NonStop development has been executing on the many items portrayed in its product roadmaps even as we appreciate the improved performance levels of the latest NonStop systems as they begin to make inroads into the installed base – NonStop running on x86 hardware is certainly proving to be an encouraging outcome for all vendors in the NonStop ecosystem. We look forward to catching up with you at the next NonStop user event wherever they occur and of course, you can always reach us through our website:


Tributary Systems, Inc.
Attention: Customer Care Center
3717 Commerce Place, Suite C
Bedford, TX 76021