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Tributary Systems Storage Director: “One Size Fits All”

By Glenn Garrahan, Director HPE Business

Tributary Systems


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“One Size Fits All” is an advertising slogan that’s been used (and many times abused) as long as I can remember, and I’ve been around a while! Many products touted as one size fits all would be better described as “one size fits some”. So are there any products that actually fit this advertising cliché? Well, we here at Tributary Systems think that in the world of Enterprise Data Backup there is indeed: Storage Director®!

Unique to the Storage Director® Backup Appliance is the ability to emulate multiple standard front-end interfaces to which existing backup servers and applications can connect and control. Because the Storage Director Backup Appliance adheres to the use of standard interfaces, backup servers can reside on nearly any platform and operating system in the market today. This includes all open platforms (x86 Intel® or AMD based systems) as well as IBM iSeries™ (AS/400), IBM Power Systems™ (running AIX, Linux®), HP OpenVMS, HP UX, and open systems (running Windows, Linux, UNIX® and VMWare). The solution also has custom developed interfaces for proprietary computing platforms such HPE NonStop. In addition, each Storage Director node will support multiple server types running different operating systems concurrently and provides the end user with Backup, Restore, Archival and Disaster Recovery functionality.

Also, Storage Director is compatible with NetBackup, Commvault Simpana, TSM/Spectrum Protect, BRMS and other backup management applications. Storage Director is architected to allow backup to any storage device, medium, or technology including tape, disk, flash storage, NAS, or S3 object storage. Backup to multiple targets, replication to remote sites and data tiering are all supported with Storage Director.


The technology within Storage Director brings a policy based, scalable, flexible, and high-throughput solution to backup and restore operations. This translates to an operational staff that no longer needs to monitor data movement, thereby reducing IT overhead.


Offsite data storage is often a prerequisite in satisfying complete data backup and security. This can be accomplished by writing data to physical tape and then storing the tapes in an offsite vault. A better and more cost effective approach is to configure the Storage Director Backup Appliance to electronically transfer encrypted data to and from a remote site. Since the data is readily available at the remote site, restoring using a Storage Director Backup Appliance at the remote site is an integral part in any disaster recovery plan. The solution incorporates enhanced replication features and has built-in WAN optimization and latency management to enhance throughput.


Storage Director Backup Appliance has multiple endpoint tiering, both on premise and in the cloud. This feature can securely vault data to multiple public and private cloud endpoints such as AWS, Google, Azure and IBM Cloud, as well as any S3 compatible cloud architecture. By allowing virtual pools of data to be tiered to lower cost media (tape/cloud) when data retention periods increase, usage of expensive storage targets will be reduced.


Storage Director has the fastest raw data WRITE (backup) and READ (restore) performance both from near line storage (cache) and from on-premise object storage, NAS, tape, remote archive and public cloud of any solution on the market today. For example, Storage Director can backup 300+ percent faster and restore 500+ percent faster per node and per given network connection than Dell EMC Data Domain. Recall that deduplication appliances are performance constrained due to in-line deduplication of data, the need for rehydration of data upon restore, the mandatory garbage cleaning requirement, and a lack of high performance tiering to archival media such as tape, hybrid or public cloud. It is Storage Director’s READ, WRITE performance that attracted industry rivals IBM, HPE Storage and Hitachi Vantara to all partner with TSI for backup/restore.  Independent performance test data is available for review.

TSI Feb 2020



So maybe Storage Director isn’t 100% “One Size Fits All”, but in the world of Enterprise Backup, there’s nothing closer!

And recall that Tributary Systems has been an HPE partner for over 22 years!


Of course, if you’d like additional information on NonStop Tape or Storage Director, visit, or call Matt Allen at 817-786-3066 (office) or 713-492-7434 (cell).

Storage Director allows NonStop professionals to “augment what they have and use it in creative new ways!”