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uLinga provides SNAX and X.25 support for HPE NonStop X



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In the recent past, several HPE NonStop customers have postponed their plans to migrate their systems to the HPE Integrity NonStop X and HPE Virtualized NonStop systems, because legacy communications products like SNAX and X.25 were not available on the new systems.

HPE NonStop and comforte AG (with its development partner Infrasoft Pty Ltd. in Sydney, Australia) reached an agreement to provide SNAX and X.25 support for NonStop X and Virtualized NonStop systems using the uLinga for EE (Enterprise Extender) and uLinga for X.25 software products. Both products have been available on other NonStop platforms for a number of years and are providing valuable services at customer sites around the world.

HPE NonStop Product Management and R&D Executives announced the availability of HPE NonStop cF uLinga for EE and HPE NonStop cF uLinga for X25 at several NonStop user group events like the ETBC in Edinburgh in May this year. The message was to …

comforte - aug 19

Figure 1: Slide taken from HPE presentation deck


Communicate with your partners as you always have and ease your migration to NonStop X (and virtual NonStop) with uLinga, a SNAX and X.25 solution now available through HPE:

The two uLinga products are available from HPE and will have the following HPE product names:

But what exactly are uLinga for EE and uLinga for X25?

HPE NonStop cF uLinga Enterprise Extender (EE) provides SNA support on HPE Integrity NonStop X and HPE Virtualized NonStop systems. It enables seamless migration from SNA to TCP/IP and provides a level of fault tolerance across the links where available.

HPE NonStop users who deploy EE eliminate SNA from a critical part of the network, even from the last wire “tails” that connect to traditional routers.

This often involves removing the very last of any physical SNA network presence within the data centre itself. Unlike DLSw solutions, when deploying EE, IP connections are terminated within each server that supports the EE protocol (HPR/IP).

For those responsible for network monitoring, standard IP monitoring tools can be used for visibility of the application, end-to-end, even though the applications themselves continue to remain as SNA applications and are unlikely to require any change to begin using uLinga.

HPE NonStop cF uLinga for X25 – For many of today’s organizations, older technologies like X.25 represent an increasing obstacle, significantly restricting infrastructure flexibility and increasing complexity and administrative overhead.

Now, with HPE NonStop uLinga for X25, they can quickly, efficiently, and reliably migrate from X.25 to XOT (X.25 over TCP/IP) on HPE Integrity NonStop X and HPE Virtualized NonStop systems. The beauty of this migration is that it is done without the need to change mission-critical applications or the client interface. Moving to TCP/IP will increase flexibility while ensuring application integrity and cost reduction.

For more information about the products, please download the datasheets for HPE NonStop cF uLinga for EE and HPE NonStop cF uLinga for X25.

If you have a requirement to continue to run SNAX and X.25 on NonStop X or virtualized NonStop systems, please contact your HPE NonStop sales representative.

For all other enquiries relating to uLinga on other HPE NonStop platforms, please contact comforte directly as usual at ‘Contact Us’.