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Unlocking valuable data with real-time analytics



Industry and financial analysts, together with enterprise CIOs, have been talking about Hybrid IT for quite some time. Major vendors too have been highlighting their support of Hybrid IT for just as long. And yet, with all the talk, presentations and commentaries, for many of the world’s enterprises, the adoption or indeed acceptance of Hybrid IT has been a slow process. For many contemplating going down this path, the task ahead seems daunting.

For the NonStop user, Hybrid IT permeates the presentations by HPE. Given the breadth of HPE’s product portfolio this isn’t surprising. Projecting a typical enterprise IT deployment that features a mix of storage, networking and compute products it therefore makes marketing sense to show as many of the the potential connections and points of integration as possible. However, Hybrid IT isn’t just about connecting process A with process B and so forth, but rather, the many transformations and enrichments that are needed in order to make Hybrid IT advantageous.

Adding another layer on top of Hybrid IT is the recognition that these very same enterprise CIOs can realize significant business benefits out of the data that is created each and every day. “We are in the midst of the transition from a centralized to a decentralized age of digitization, where intelligent and networked devices, machines, buildings and infrastructures generate unprecedented amounts of decentralized data rather than in a central data center,” said HPE CEO Antonio Neri at the Davos 2023 gathering. “This data holds an enormous potential to advance how we live and work – but we must unlock its value.”

Arguably the best data is the freshest data reflecting what is happening in the real world, in real time. Absorbing this data and then having the opportunity to integrate with historical data and even data from sources such as social media platforms before performing analytics on the whole is what enterprises seek today to remain competitive. “Striim focuses on real-time data movement which solves three problems for their customers: Real-time analytics, real-time operations, and real-time data movement at a large scale,” said Alok Pareek, Founder and Executive Vice President of Products at Striim. “Our customers are trying to just rewrite their applications, either for digital transformation or to take advantage of new customer experiences. To provide better, more agile, faster services, you need to have real-time data. And so, we really focused on that specific market.”

In a recent video by Alok Pareek, Striim is Solving Three Major Problems of Real-Time Data Movement: Analytics, Operations and Scale , available on YouTube, he talks directly to the NonStop community. “The outlook and framework of products (that) are very batch-oriented,” said Alok Pareek, and “introduces a very interesting problem that when you move things in batches, let’s say, end of day, or sometimes for very large companies that have just massive volumes of data, it might be three to five days. The freshness of that data may or may not be sufficient.” Freshness does indeed count and where this leads the conversation is to the nature of the platform chosen to integrate data throughout the enterprise.

With data becoming central to these conversations across industries and markets, there is a realization that choosing the right data streaming platform is of paramount importance. What is a data streaming platform and can NonStop systems and solutions participate? At its simplest, data streaming platforms are software platforms. Whether the data is in data base log files, tables or held on external resources including social media, these software platforms ultimately are differentiated by their expansive list of sources and targets. With this in mind, it is easy to see why Striim’s data streaming platform has become popular. However, challenges remain for the NonStop community in that, almost by definition, the importance of the solutions on NonStop tend to create a risk-averse mindset that in turn allows the presence of NonStop to trail most industry trends. 

Perhaps it is a cold dose of reality when Antonio Neri told his audience that, “‘Data first’ must become the North Star of digital transformation – i.e. organizations must align their strategic, organizational and technological choices with the overarching goal of leveraging data as a strategic asset.” Neri then remarked on how, “Eventually, this means that organizations will become data platforms in their own right because of their ability to access, control, protect, govern and unlock the value of data, regardless of where it is generated and stored – in remote locations, across distributed devices and in data centers and clouds.”

In Striim’s tagline recognizable by the NonStop community for its relevance in addressing real-time data ingestion, Modern data integration meets real-time streaming it is Striims ability to continuously stream data between enterprise sources and targets in multiple Smart Data Pipelines to enable real-time decisions and business intelligence. If it has been a while since you last visited the Striim web site or viewed the features included in the Striim Platform 4.1 release then maybe it should be your priority early in 2023. The NonStop platform needs to be part of any enterprises plans for unlocking the true value of data, given the enormous potential to the enterprise, and with Striim this is now a reality. A reality that is not just that afforded by Striim but that is today supported by HPE and the HPE sales teams.

To find out more about just how well Striim performs today when it comes to integrating the freshest of data created on NonStop with the rest of the enterprise and to ensure a data first mindset do check out the Striim web site or reach out directly to your HPE NonStop sales team members. There is no better time to begin building the connections to sources such as NonStop and there’s no better time to welcome Striim into your enterprise.

Edward Trainor
Sr Director of Global Alliances, Striim Inc.