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For most IT departments it has become a good practice to review the organization’s application and system landscape regularly. For many in our space, the HPE NonStop is at the centre of our mission-critical business and is as modern as any other platform out there. But what about the applications running on HPE NonStop and the data being processed day in day out?

Providing access to your corporation’s data has never been easier. There are plenty of tools that allow businesses to mine their data and provide real value to the company, unless of course, that data is still stored in Enscribe files.

As of 2017, the HPE NonStop customer base still had about 50% of its data stored in Enscribe files on NonStop. Imagine the value that IT could provide to the business if they simply unlocked that data. It is time for a change!

Read the white paper ‘The IT Directors Perspective: Maximizing the Value of HPE NonStop’ to learn how comforte provides methods on how to do just that on the NonStop, including:

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