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Upgrading to NonStop OS L20.05 – Beware of potential OpenSSL issues



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In May 2020, HPE released a version of OpenSSL with L20.05 that may represent a problem for some of you as this version is not compatible with some versions of software that you use, including git, curl, and rsync. We would like to share a new, pre-recorded webinar – created by our partner Randall Becker, Nexbridge – on how to manage multiple versions of OpenSSL on your system and some of its implications.

You should also be aware that ITUGLIB is now publishing new versions of OpenSSL, rsync, git, curl, wget, and OpenSSH for both the older 1.0.2u version of OpenSSL and the newer 1.1.1g version.

In addition, if you are using git, there are some threaded versions of OpenSSL that are available but do not use them with git. Ideally, you should transition to the newest OpenSSL 1.1.x version of git – test it first, please.

If you are evaluating the benefits of installing RVU L20.05, please watch this webinar first. Installing RVU L20.05 which includes T2813, the OpenSSL Toolkit, will affect many applications relying on OpenSSL.

The purpose of this pre-recorded webinar is to help you understand the pitfalls and issues associated with managing OpenSSL on the same NonStop server.

Click the button below to replay the webinar.

Watch OpenSSL Webinar