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Using Data Replication to Offload Online Host Processing and Enable New Business Applications




Gravic recently published an article in the Spring issue of Connect Converge: Using Data Replication to Offload Online Host Processing and Enable New Business Applications. The current data in online transaction processing systems is some of the most valuable. If this data is trapped in that system, and not available to enable other real-time business intelligence processes, then its full value is not being exploited, and competitive opportunities are missed.

To avoid these missed opportunities, companies need to access their online data in real-time – as the online system is processing transactions – which can significantly impact the throughput and response times of that system. This article discusses such a situation, and the clever way it was resolved using data replication. It only scratches the surface of data replication’s potential, which can:

Data replication is not only for providing backups for business continuity, but also for moving data in real-time to leverage its value wherever needed. Think about where you have valuable, yet isolated, data. How would you use data replication to unlock this value for competitive advantage and to build new solutions for your business? To speak with us about your data replication and data integration needs, please contact us.


Susan Loeliger | Shadowbase Marketing Supervisor
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