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Validating C-Deep for HPE NonStop with our Peers at E-BITUG



With a couple of weeks to reflect on E-BITUG, it strikes me just how far our partnership with HPE has come in such a short space of time.

We were privileged to be invited to HPE’s Showcase Programme, allowing us to add new products to the HPE portfolio alongside our flagship product, BackBox. This was an extremely involved exercise, but clearly, the benefits of selling directly through HPE had merit. Since its launch in 2021, C-Deep has been gathering interest from various clients in the payments industry, and we have taken a huge amount of insight from feedback on where our development roadmap should take us.

This year’s face-to-face conference in Edinburgh gave us a unique opportunity to validate where C-Deep is and where we are taking the product. We could not have expected better results.

Two overriding themes were central to almost every presentation delivered at E-BITUG. Firstly, placing governance, risk management and compliance at the heart of NonStop products. Regulators have always been central to a NonStop strategy, but the importance of being able to prove compliance and an organization’s ability to prove their ability to manage risk is now extending to suppliers, financial institutions and even insurers. Gone are the days when a year-end audit comprises 95% of the time on the financials and 5% on AoB. Now, insurers are spending just as much time on assessing a company’s IT set-up and processes as they are on a company’s numbers.

This really resonated with us, as we have committed to putting Environmental, Social and Governance standards at the forefront of our operational endeavours. This naturally finds its way into how we develop and deliver our products. C-Deep itself can query any transaction, past or present. Clever database partitioning ensures that massive amounts of transaction data can be stored safely, and it takes seconds to query and retrieve the transactional data – all fields and all tokens, including bespoke tokens – are available at a touch of a button.

Second was the ongoing need to modernize products to enable new users to embrace the power of HPE NonStop. Teresa Sorg spoke about the perception that NonStop is limited to a “special” group of people. Whilst no one can doubt that NonStop operators and developers have a special skill set, the talent pool is getting older, and organizations are forced to consider succession planning to ensure mission-critical solutions are properly managed by capable staff.

We consciously built C-Deep to engage operators and developers outside the classically trained NonStop community. Dashboards, real-time alerts, transaction queries and business intelligence reports can all be created by operators without any prior programming knowledge. Everything can be customized, ensuring that information is made available to all stakeholders, whether they’re on the shop floor or in the boardroom.

C-Deep is scalable and flexible to meet all business needs, catering from low to large, high-volume transactional systems.

Dashboards provide analytical and graphical results identified by the issuer, acquirer, merchant (retailer), transaction types, card types, interchange responses times, queues and, if required, user-specific transaction values (tokens).

The powerful query engine provided with C-Deep enables users (with appropriate security access) to quickly query ATM and POS card transactional data. Card data such as PAN and other sensitive data can be masked, complying with PCI DSS directives.

It was a hugely rewarding experience to meet with customers and HPE colleagues and have our future development plans for C-Deep validated. These include optimised database data storage and in-memory lookup enhancements – all of which will significantly add to the performance of C-Deep for HPE NonStop.

If you want to know more or to validate C-Deep against your own payments environment, please get in touch.

Nik Colman | Product Owner, C-Deep for HPE NonStop

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