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Veterans of enterprise business intelligence, ESQ continues to build global momentum



For all of us members of the NonStop community with lengthy tenure in all things NonStop, you’ll recognize ESQ as one vendor that has been providing solutions for a very long time. Beginning with the introduction of our earliest products in the late 1980s, ESQ has demonstrated a commitment to NonStop users that today manifests itself through the extensive feature list of our business-transaction management solutions.

As a stalwart provider of these enterprise-class solutions, you will find the presence of our ESQ products portfolio almost every place you look around the globe. It is this global presence of ESQ that the NonStop community values; our commitment to NonStop systems ensures ESQ is one of the most recognized NonStop partners in the monitoring and management market vertical. In more recent times, discussions among IT professionals have focused on business resilience and for ESQ, resilience through monitoring and analytics is a major component of the pursuit of business resilience.

The US NonStop market may have been where we first started, but growth has accelerated wherever NonStop systems are deployed. Building on the momentum and adoption of ESQ solutions in the Americas and beyond, it comes as no surprise to read of how at ESQ we are adding resources as we embark on this next phase of growth and market expansion. This is where our support for NonStop community events is playing a big role in communicating our story of expansion.  For us there are no better forums than those directly supported by the NonStop user community.

“ESQ is well known for its products and services and, as a NonStop partner,
enjoys recognition as not just a leader but as a partner that continues
to provide a level of knowledge, experience and professionalism that
has helped ESQ reach the top echelon within the NonStop partner ecosystem.”

Paul (Iqbal) Sandhu
Chief Executive Officer

However, the world of NonStop that ESQ first encountered almost four decades ago is today a vastly different place. Gone are the monolithic, homogeneous approaches to systems as too is the presence of slow communications paths and the many industry standards that were common in the day. What we at ESQ recognize as the new normal for transaction processing mirrors what is taking place across the IT world. And we are not alone as even HPE has pivoted to supporting enterprises challenged by this shift to hybrid IT.

HPE CEO Antonio Neri has engineered a tectonic shift in the HPE business model as he unleashed a new way to approach technology deployments. Complementing the traditional CapEx model to IT procurement, Neri added the “Everything as a Service”, whereby enterprises could opt for a financially more friendly OpEx approach. In so doing, Neri unveiled HPE’s Edge to Cloud transformation that better addresses the real-world pivot driven by the customer experience.

None of this has been lost on our team at ESQ just as none of this has been lost on some of the biggest NonStop users around the world. With our focus on financial institutions and managed services providers where NonStop plays a dominant role, at ESQ we have been able to respond with the products best suited to this changing landscape. As HPE continues to place emphasis on the Edge to Cloud and Everything as a Service topology that enterprises associate with hybrid IT, so too has ESQ pursued a complementary strategy whereby the customer experience and the all-important banking/self-service end points have been augmented with enterprise-grade, cloud-enabled / cloud-agnostic monitoring and management products.

A strong indicator of ESQ’s support for these new purchase and deployment topologies (such as hybrid IT, clouds and the take up of tap and go and more) can be demonstrated through the availability of ESQ’s Operations Agent for NonStop Software (OVNM) that seamlessly integrates and manages NonStop server environments and in so doing, recognizes newly created dependencies on hybrid IT. OVNM will give you insights through business application monitoring, historical trend analysis, and capacity planning. OVMN lets you stay on top of critical events and performance alerts with web-browser support, configurable views, and application-specific dashboards.

Look too for our ESQ developed DataEdge solution, a data integration and streaming analytics product that enables you to collect, normalize, and ingest a variety of data to perform analytics and as such, acknowledges that it is the edge where interactions with the enterprise take place and where changes in end-user behavior can be first detected.

“For almost a decade we have witnessed our customers looking to us
to provide more detailed support for where services provided by
financial institutions interact with the customer.
Such end point monitoring comes with real benefits
in that trends can be detected, choke points can be remedied, availability and thus profitability
and the overall customer experience be enriched.”

Manpreet Singh
Chief Technology Officer

Momentum can take many forms. One that is highly visible is the expansion of our ESQ leadership team. This has recently occurred with the arrival of Scott Anderson, ESQ’s Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer. Scott brings with him considerable expertise with financial services and a global knowledge that helps with our expanding global presence of ESQ. Scott’s ten years with a large Canadian financial institution as well as twenty plus years in the banking self-service software industry covering global sales, solution consulting, marketing and product management makes him the ideal fit for the role he now takes on at ESQ.

“I am looking forward to working closely with the ESQ executive team.
I see great potential for the ESQ product portfolio’s continued
global expansion of enterprise-grade and cloud-enabled monitoring of end points together with servers and the applications they support.

My expectation is that the ESQ product portfolio will develop
traction with the NonStop community and that the benefits
other NonStop users have realized will be a major contributing factor
in the momentum growth ESQ is experiencing today.”

Scott Anderson
Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer

When it comes to demonstrating momentum growth the all-important consideration is to ensure associated messaging clearly articulates ESQ’s strategy and how well it is being received within the NonStop community. Complexity has always been the bane of operations with our ESQ strategy always being focused on simplification and driving actionable business insights.

Evidence of late is that key messages are resonating well with the NonStop community as demonstrated by our support for hybrid IT as it extends to the edge. The ongoing transformation in the financial services industry is seeing a greater push for self-service enablement and this too is contributing to our enterprise-grade, hardware and cloud-agnostic solutions meeting the needs of financial institutions globally.

The products covered here and more will be among the topics our ESQ team will be only too happy to cover at the upcoming NonStop TBC 2023 Conference to be held in Denver, Colorado, in just a few weeks’ time. The reference to business resilience and the benefits that ESQ brings to the conversation is in recognition of the theme of this year’s conference even as for some time it has become the subject of conversations within ESQ.

Look for a strong presence by ESQ at this premier event of the year for the NonStop community and yes, do not hesitate to stop by to talk to us as there will be much that we can cover that should prove beneficial to you and your enterprise. Should you have questions or would simply like to talk with a member of the ESQ team, then simply follow this link –

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